“You’re Too Sweet,” And Other Ridiculous Rejections: Why Even Models are Never Good Enough!

Since I began modelling, I was aware of how people perceived my job. There were all the common misconceptions – anorexic, bitchy, get to keep the clothes, paid squillions – yet at the same time there was a sort of reverence that I was now in the ‘chosen elite’. That, unlike them, us models enjoy the ultimate social acceptance of having the ideal body and face. Ricki Hall said it right in our interview – us models are put on a sort of pedestal.

Well, once you’re in the ‘chosen elite’, let me tell you – we’re not good enough in countless different ways. Once you’re a model your appearance is nitpicked and pulled apart by clients and you’re expected to stand there and take it with a smile, nod and a thank you.

So I contacted my model pals and asked them for the most ridiculous reasons they’ve been rejected. I wanted to prove to anyone who looks up to models as some kind of physical ideal that seriously – there is no ideal! So to anyone sweating themselves to unhappiness at the gym, trying to get a thigh gap or dieting to try and get a stomach like Gisele – give up now. Gisele will have faced ridiculous criticism on the shape of her toes or shape of her knees.

I want everyone to love themselves and not compare their bodies to others. Cos as you’re about to see – our bodies are in no way perfect! To celebrate this, I’m gonna do a BIG competition giveaway of lots of beauty treats. Enjoy!!

Sophie Holmes (click the pic to head to her Modeltypeface Interview…)


“I was sent home for being blonde.”

Charlotte Connoley

charlotte connoly

“I was sent home for having a zit. Then the girl who was replacing me arrived and had a zit, too…”

Lottie Geraghty (pic by Brian Rolfe)

 lottie by Brian Rolfe

“Waist too thin, hips to big, and too freckley.”

Emily Vickers-Willis (click the pic to head to our interview…)


“Too toned.”

Rudie McCree (click the pic to see my Rudie interview) pic from Plumeria Swimwear’s Instagram


“Too skinny. And black.”

Bridget Egan


“Too sweet.”

Jenny Evans (pic by Steve Read)


“Too pretty.”

David Serpell


“Too Asian.”

Tamsin Carter (click the pic to see Tamsin’s casting tips)


“Legs are too long and skinny. In Milan they called me Chicken Legs.”

Jen Dawson

jen dawson

“I was sent home for being the wrong girl. Eejits!”



“Face is too friendly.”

So you see? No one’s ever good enough. Some of this is really depressing, especially Rudie’s, but it does show you that dreaming of long legs and a toned stomach, if it’s not your body type, is a pointless exercise. The best thing to do always is love yourself, accept yourself, work on the bits you decide for yourself you want to work on and you’ll carry that positive energy around with you. Most of all, as they say…’Don’t let the bastards get you down.’

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Rebecca x

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