You’re Invited to….The Extraordinary Banquet by Friends of the Earth

Hello everyone!

Over the last year, I’ve had the great pleasure of sitting on the committee for Friends of the Earth, helping organise their gala. We’ve put together an absolutely incredible night and I wanted to invite you all to it!

Last year’s gala was, according to Tatler, ‘The Party of the Year!’ and to be fair, Tatler go to a lot of very fancy parties. What makes it special?

The food alone is a huge draw. This year will have a menu designed by Antonio Carluccio, Giorgio Locatelli and Damien Clisby. It was one of the most compelling (and delicious) aspects of the last banquet – just take a look at this pic!

FoEIt’s all edible!

Generally, food is enough of a draw for me, but we also have immersive video installation and choreography from Darren Johnston. I don’t want to give away too much, but he’s gonna transform East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf – an enormous blank canvas of a venue – into a wildlife haven using projections and screens.

The Extraordinary Banquet from Darren Johnston/Array on Vimeo.

Walking into this Gala isn’t just going to be your normal ‘glass of Prosecco at the entrance, when do we eat?’ affair – it’s going to be a journey of constant discovery, full of surprises…Helped along by special ‘bee’ inspired cocktails by natural cosmetics and bee-loving brand, Apivita!

Lastly there’s the music. We’ve got Carnet de Voyage and a couple more exciting acts in the pipeline, collaborating with Mike Figgis (Oscar-nominated director!)

Yes, it’s going to be an incredible party – but also a terribly important fund raiser. One look at the news will show you how vital it is that we start looking after our earth. Neonic-coated seeds, which are coated in toxins that decimating bee and other pollinator populations, have just been given the go-ahead by the Government to be planted. Despite ignoring (and gagging) their advisers, who warned against it.


The thing is – if the bees go, we go. It’s not just delicious honey they produce we’ll lose out on: they’re responsible for pollinating a huge amount of our food. Bees are part of a delicate ecosystem that will collapse if we don’t save it now.

SuitedandbootedLast year I did a bee-keeping course, and learnt just how incredible these little guys are.

Though us humans often act like we’ve conquered nature, we’re completely f*cked if these ecosystems that we’re part of collapse.

beesI honestly wish I could just run around bees protecting them all, but sadly I can’t. Supporting Friends of the Earth means that I can at least help fight for the nature we rely on.

This is just one of many short-sighted, destructive ways in which governments are failing to protect nature, despite the fact that our lives and entire survival as a species are dependent on our natural world. As well as the obvious green fields of the countryside, we see the balance and beauty nature brings to us urban dwellers among the city all around us. Supporting Friends of the Earth, coming to this Gala helps raise money and awareness to help preserve nature – and our own future survival.

And Extraordinary Banquet – helping an extraordinarily important cause.

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