Your Bookers and You…#1

The most important people in your career aren’t the hot shot photographers, it’s not the skilled make up artists who can transform your face, or even the casting directors who can take you from a workaday model to a super by putting you in one show.

Nope, it’s your bookers.

Walking into your agency can be terrifying: the enormous wall of model cards pouting down at you, the Brazilian bombshell confidently strutting round in a bikini for polaroids, the hum of frantic activity that you worry you’re intruding on. Worst, for me, is the glare of the bookers as they unguardedly size you up in an instant with a single look – ‘what’re you wearing? What’s your skin, your hair, your demeanour? How’s your body looking’? It’s tough to be scrutinised, plus they all seem to be exceedingly camp and extrovert, no matter what their gender or orientation. This is partly why models can have quite an antagonistic relationship with their bookers – there can be quite a ‘them and us’ mentality.

It’s also because they can be really scary, especially to a young New Face! I remember when I started, I was simply terrified of everyone. They were all so different to the folk I knew at home in Lower Morden, and I wasn’t sure how to relate to people. It was a totally alien environment, and I was so worried that at any moment I’d be dropped – if they didn’t think I was cool, or my test shoots looked wrong, or that I was far less fashionable than all the other girls. (I was far less fashionable than the other girls. I wore a lot of fleeces).

Underneath all that camp and drama of an agency, you’ll actually find that most of your bookers have a heart of gold, and have your best interests at heart. Just ask them a few questions about themselves and get to know them – it’s more than a lot of models do. You’ve got to make yourself stand out from that imposing wall of model cards, and the best way is with your personality. Once they love you, you’ll be in the forefront of their mind for jobs – plus you’re heart won’t race with fear every time you walk into the agency!

Rebecca x

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