You Beautea: Collagen Tea For Modelley Skin!

I love my tea. I’m British, after all, plus my Mum’s side of the family are from India where they worked on tea plantations – so I definitely think that tea love is in my blood.

I used to have a mug of builders tea the second I woke up (I can’t believe Mum brought my brothers and I tea in bed. So spoilt). Now I do have less of the PG Tips – nice once in a while, but too much caffeine makes me jittery and too much dairy makes me feel ‘gah’. Know what I mean?

So I’ve got into herbal teas. There is such an exciting variety out there (well I find it exciting, anyway!). I use tea as another way to get goodness into my diet: my Pukka Teas 3 Cinammon Tea helps protect against nasty colds as well as helps burn fat. And my Yogi Woman’s Energy Tea has healthy ginger as well as novelty value!


Now I’ve discovered Australian brand ‘You Beautea‘. Their Rasberry Tea contains Vitamin C and 2000mg of collagen as well as containing no caffeine or preservatives.


Now while I love my beauty products, I am well aware that having a healthy body that’s fed with the right nutrients will give you a far better glow than skin creams every could. I do eat for my skin with good fats and collagen-rich foods such as red grapes, and I will definitely be adding this tea to my canon of skin-loving goodies!

Collagen is what plumps our skin, helping us avoid wrinkles as well as giving us strong nails and healthy hair. Collagen tea hails from Japan, where I have modelled and seen how women have the most stupendously glowing and unlined skin. It’s hard to attach an age to a woman out there, and that’s not because of Botox. No: Japanese women look after their skin, avoiding harsh sunlight (oops), using quality toiletries and drinking collagen tea. So if it’s good enough for those Japanese ladies, it’s good enough for me!

YouBeautea1Delicious You Beautea Collagen Tea is £13.00 for 30 teabags

 For us models, it can be really hard to get the right food if you’re travelling and flying to countries where you can’t guarantee you’ll get your usual healthy diet, so having a packet of these easy to carry tea bags with you is a great way to boost your immune system, as well as your skin.

It’s also really tasty – I usually hate fruit teas, but this has none of that tooth-hurting, sour tanginess that I loathe about them so much. it’s very gentle and not too sweet, and I found it very soothing.

The product will be launching in around 2 weeks, so do check out their Twitter & Facebook as well as their website for further details.

Rebecca x

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