WOW! You need to watch this: James Scully on the Unacceptable Bullying Treatment of Models

Wow. I just watched this video, and now you need to. James Scully is a huge casting director who is calling out people, brands and behaviour in regards to how models are treated (bullied).

I thought I’d heard everything, but even I was shocked by some of the stories, told in an utterly candid and genuinely emotional way by Scully.

Seriously – this guy could lose his job over this. He could never work again. But it often takes someone bravely stepping forward and speaking out to make a change.

Anyway I’ve said enough as it’s all there in the speech below. It’s worth it. PS loved hearing previous #ModelCrushMonday, Bethann Hardison, pop up!

Thanks to MTF columnist Domynika for sharing this video and drawing my attention to it. xx

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