*WOMB PANGS ALERT* Baby in a Book: the Cutest Charity Raising Endeavour Ever Attempted

Awww. I feel warm and fuzzy all over. Or is that feeling mainly located in my uterus?

You see, my very clever model, blogger and presenter friend Laura Schofield has been dressing her baby Matilda up as book characters for charity.

It is so cute.


Matilda seems to be having so much fun, and Laura is getting more and more creative.


Do you have a children’s book character you’d like to recommend to Laura? She’s welcoming suggestions and donations on her site, here:


Money goes to Magic Breakfast, which ensures pupils do not miss breakfast and get a nutritious start to their day.


I think it’s raising money for a brilliant charity in a totally unique and heartwarming way. Bravo, Laura and Bravo, Matilda!

Do also check out Laura’s stonking blog, All The Tall Things. It’s all about the trials and tribulations one faces when graced with height (something lots of us models can relate to) and has lots of style tips there, too.

Rebecca x

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