Why, as a Model, I Love the Latest Gucci Sci-Fi Campaign…

So firstly, the new Gucci campaign shot by Glen Luchford is awesome because it’s inspired by vintage sci fi and it just generally looks f*cking cool and fun and humorous and original…

But I also love it as a model because…Where are the celebs? Where are the pop stars? The insta models?

I couldn’t actually name you any of these models – largely because they’re unrecognisable with glittery metallic faces – but also because they’ve been cast brilliantly well for having exactly the right look and attitude to carry off the creative vision rather than the right social media reach.

Image from Gucci’s Instagram

I get pretty bored at times leafing through magazines, too. As a bit of a model/label nerd, I used to eat up all the campaigns and see what exciting new faces were carrying off the newest fashion aesthetics. When I started modelling there were some really exciting things to see. Lately, it’s just been the same celebrities and super-social-models. I like Kendall’s vibe, and I like the Cara’s silliness, but I’m not keen on when designers try to shoehorn them (and a whole host of others) into looks that don’t suit them, which would be better cast on a more appropriate model. It’s cool that they’re mega successful and I’ve heard about how professional and un-diva-like Kendall is, but if they’d been in this Gucci advert it would have just been…’Cara bald and painted silver’ rather than the production as a whole.

Campaigns have also been a bit snore-some of late, too. Maybe they’re blowing the budget on recognisable faces with huge followings with not much left to do anything cool, but there are too many ‘celebs/models in a trench sitting on a white box, looking into the middle distance with a vague frown’. Maybe taken by one of the Beckham progeny. With fairly prosaic flash and slick post production. Leafing through mags these days can be a tad anaesthetising.

Gucci have taken a dramatic new aesthetic leap recently, headed up by Alessandro Michele. The nerdy glittery 70s look is strong, it sometimes veers into ‘Noel Edmonds at a school disco in 1977’ territory, haircut included…

…And I like it. It’s somewhat anti-commercial and difficult to wear at times but good, a major fashion house is taking risks and it’s paying off as people actually embrace the look and the fashions. There are no celebrities in the latest campaign, but it’s still getting shared like crazy because it’s fun to look at, the clothes are amazing and it’s got a healthy sprinkling of wry humour. Most of all, us public don’t need to be patronised with famous faces and tried-and-tested themes – we don’t always need super-commercial, and welcome something a bit different.

Rebecca x

All pics from Gucci’s Instagram

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  1. Julie O wrote:

    Agree 1700%, it’s so refreshing and also somewhat comforting as a model! Great piece 🙂

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