When Modeltypeface Met James Bond

So! I was just in Triyoga, after a VERY tough Iyengar class. After the class I had a little sit down in the cafe to enjoy a glass of (charcoal) water.

Opposite me was a man who looked SO much like Daniel Craig, only less craggy and less extreme in his features. Was it Daniel Craig? I had a good look to make sure it wasn’t him – nope – no one else in the cafe had clocked him and everyone was going about their usual business of eating activated quinoa and discussing water birthing. I carried on looking thinking ‘imagine looking that much like a celebrity. It must be really annoying to have people look at you when you’re not actually them.’

Then he looked up, probably aware that a weirdo with a Science Museum galaxy-print backpack had been staring at him.

Oh God it was Daniel Craig.

And I’d been weirdo staring at him.

I wondered what class he’d been doing…?

Then his WIFE came out – Rachel Weisz AKA one of the most beautiful women in the world! They seemed to be heading out so I casually walked over to the door where my shoes were so I could catch a glimpse of her face because I have a huge girlcrush on her. Oh my God she was beautiful!!!

“Wow I love those boots!” RACHEL WEISZ SAID TO ME!!!!

“Thank you! They are old,” I said, inarticulately. They smiled and walked out.

*FYI They are my brown Timberland boots that lace up to the knee, my agency hates them HAHA!*

I kept my cool, waiting 5 seconds or so to post this news on Facebook, then I pottered over to Whole Foods to buy some organic tampons and maybe something that tasted like chocolate but had ‘raw’ in the name so I’d feel less guilty.

“Oh hello again!” SAID RACHEL WEISZ, wandering into another aisle WITH HER HUSBAND JAMES BOND.

“Hello again!” I flustered. “Oh, may I just apologise for staring at you? I thought you looked like Daniel Craig. Then I realised that you were Daniel Craig. So sorry.” Daniel gave me a smile. Like you’d smile to a sad looking dog in the rain. But a nice smile.

“Oh hello again! We’re not stalking you!” SAID RACHEL WEISZ as we both perused the dairy section.

“Pahahaha,” I barked. “I’m not stalking you!! HAHA!”

Then, readers, this happened like THREE MORE TIMES and despite my best efforts to get away from them so they didn’t think I was tailing them I KEPT WALKING INTO THEM!

But the worst part was that I was walking around, picking things up and putting them in my basket, trying to look casual, when ALL I WANTED WERE TAMPONS!!! I can’t afford Whole Foods!



It was getting a bit silly however, so I marched to the ‘lady’ section and picked up a packet, turned round,




I bought the tampons and the raw cacao and I hotfooted it out of there.

Still I must say, they were an absolutely genuinely friendly and wonderful pair and clearly very in love. And at least I wasn’t buying condoms.

Rebecca x

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  1. Louuse wrote:

    This made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing a very cool and funny story!!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Hehehe thanks Louise!!! It was one of those ‘is this happening’ moments especially when I KEPT bumping into them!

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