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So! I thought I’d give you all some tips on Copenhagen, as I want you all to go! It really was one of the best city breaks I’ve ever enjoyed. I can’t say I had huge expectations – I lazily subscribed the the view that it’d be a bit dry and sensible, and that everything would be too expensive.

Well let me shut that cliché down once and for all! For starters, I sight-saw every day for a week, solidly, and still there were weeks worth of places to visit left unticked (for my next visit). Museums, gardens, shops, historical monuments, beautiful riverside views, great architecture both modern and old – Copenhagen has it all. And the PEOPLE! So friendly. Kind, calm and always eager to help us find our location. The food was great – you can pig out on bread, pastries and cheese but they were also really into their health food so balance was achievable if you seek that out.

Lastly, they’re big into their lunches so many places shut early. This gave the city an air of a ghost town past 4pm (when it was already dark) but rest assured, there is a thriving bar and club scene out there. Let me take you through my Top 5 Absolute MUST-sees (a tough list to write!)

1) Christiana Freetown

We stayed in an Air BnB in Christianshavn, which I would recommend as the ideal location. You can walk by the river, across the bridge to the City centre. You’re brilliantly located for transport links with buses and trains. And you’re RIGHT by Christiana Freetown, which is like the Camden lock of Copenhagen but BETTER!



These were abandoned military barracks that were taken over by squatters, who have made it into a colourful, imaginative though at some times seedy place. There are incredible wonky houses in bright colours, a beautiful lake and so many interesting spots, such as a women-only ironmonger and a huge cafe filled with delicious smells (though everything is always intermingled with weed. Quite strongly).

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2) The Louisiana


This is an absolutely STUNNING art gallery. It’s kind of like a long, wood and glass tunnel that snakes through the glorious green Danish forestland, with a view to the sea (and Sweden). This means that you’re enjoying works by great artists such as Giacometti, whilst appreciating nature as its own work of art. Walk outside to enjoy sculptures by Henry Moore while the wind whips at your face. Really, this was so inspiring and is only a 45 minute train journey from the centre.

3) The National Museum


This lets you in on the ancient history of Denmark – gory, horrifying, fascinating and at times touching – and it’ll make you very glad to live in a time that you’re not at risk of being sacrificed to a BOG! (one hopes).

It is laid out wonderfully and I can’t help but think about what I would have been like around this time. Would I have been constantly trying to invent new ways of producing and cooking, or would I have sat around eating grass? I loved my time here and next time I’ll set aside half a day for the WHOLE museum!


4) Meyers Bageri


Look, I realise that I’m limited to 5 choices in Copenhagen and that I ought to pick culturally stimulating, mind-expanding and aesthetically-wondermentally fantastic places. But OMG you have to go to this bakery! The smells! The tastes! THE EATS! It’s absolutely tiny and with a more limited choice compared with other bakeries but that’s fine, because all you need to buy is ten Tebirkes and eat them all to yourself. These are Danish pastries – kind of like a croissant, folded over marzipan and sprinkled with poppy seeds. They’re not at all too sweet and so warming and tasty. I’m ashamed to admit that I ate one every day and two on my last two days (not recommended) but I just felt so sad that my time with them was coming to an end.

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If you head to this bakery then cross the road with your bounty and grab a coffee in The Coffee Collective. It’s delicious coffee made by enthusiasts who will give you a loving account of the name of each coffee granule that went into making your latte. That was only a slight exaggeration. Head to Jaegersborggade in Norrebro (trendy town) for both places.

5) Tivoli Gardens

I can’t speak for the rest of the year, but Tivoli at Christmas is just spellbinding. Yes, you have to pay to go in to a place which exists solely to sell you things. Yes, it’s a bit crass and yes, it’s a bit cheesy but it’s also rather beautiful in it’s kitsch!


I think it’d be a great date place. In fact, Theo was inspired to get down on one knee and stick his hand out! (And ask me to pull his finger). There were rollercoasters, bumper cars, there were bars on pirate ships and there was a water fountain ballet. I ate donuts, we drank mulled wine and, by the end of the night, we were so disorientated with booze and rollercoasters that I didn’t care a jot for my cold feet!

Honestly – this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Copenhagen. Simply walking around is enough – you’ll happen upon fascinating little nooks and crannies wherever you head.

Oh – and it’s a pretty wealthy city. If you’re interested in modelling out there, you should give it a go! Castings would be super easy and you could manage to live cheaply.

Rebecca xxx


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