What I Learnt from Yesterday’s Castings.

1) ALWAYS wear matching underwear. In modelling, there can be no such thing as a pair of ‘period pants’. Your fave huge comfy patterned Calvin Kleins do not go with a black Wonderbra. That look won’t impress a stylist. Sad, but true.

2) When asked by the casting director ‘can you sing and play guitar?’ always tell the truth. They will hand you a guitar and ask you to sing.

3) I cannot play guitar.

4) I cannot sing.

5) I did, however, come out with one fluke note as clear and pure as Julie Andrews warbling – one way or another, sometimes one’s vocal chords can surprise one.

6) I usually make that discovery when sobering up during a karaoke session.

7) Apparently my ‘feeling sad and looking out of the window’ face is ‘very One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Tone it down.’ Noted.



Rebecca x

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