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I’ve been modelling for 13 years, which is a very long time in model years. If I were a dog, I’d be a grizzled old Labrador with cataracts, ticky hips and no teeth, still making a heart-breaking attempt to wag my rickety tail when my master walks towards me with a lead. As it is, I’m actually still young enough to model but old enough to impart my hard-earned wisdom on my younger counterparts, magisterially droning on about ‘The Industry’ whilst their eyes glaze over/fiddle on their smartphones.

But seriously – New Faces are often young, clueless and in need of guidance. They’re also half my size, age and weight, so frankly it’s tempting just to leave them to all those rookie errors newbies tend to make, and scoop up all the work myself.

But I don’t. I choose a different path, though, proffering wisdom, guidance and support – something of a modelling Mother Theresa, but to 6-foot skinny 16 year olds. And that is what ModelTypeFace is about – sharing my intimate knowledge of a very complex, adult industry, in the hope that I can help New Faces avoid some mistakes I have made. And if you want to know some of my mistakes, then stick around. I have probably racked up the most enormous collection of face-palm moments and I’m happy to share them with you!

It’s not just for New Faces – any model can enjoy it, empathise and maybe even learn from it. And if you’re not a model, then most of the things I’ve learnt are applicable to all walks of life – surviving in a cut-throat industry; persevering through a constant onslaught of rejection; getting by financially in an unstable economy and, of course, how to moisturise effectively. If this helps (and entertains) just one person (and not just you, mum) then I will have done my job.

Rebecca x

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  1. Julie wrote:

    Hi Rebecca, Just had your lovely mum and dad over today and they put me onto your site….glad to hear you ve settled into your new flat and are enjoying life…if you ever find yourself near Bath please do call in.
    lots of love,
    Julie xx p.s I use L’occitaine cream for moisturising and find I need more of it the older I get…! but I love the smell!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      How lovely to hear from you! Mum is rather in love with your dog!

      l’Occitane make some really lovely, luxurious products. Hopefully see you soon x

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