“I Started my Period on the Catwalk!” Beautiful Model Charlotte Carter-Allen is…Only Human!

Allow me to introduce the delightful Charlotte Carter-Allen. In my case, her reputation precedes her. “Do you know Charlotte Carter-Allen? Ridiculous body and face, shouldn’t possibly exist, and annoyingly she’s really clever and funny,” is the general message I picked up on. Even my boyfriend had asked her out many moons ago (and been ignored. Hehe).

CharlCACharlotte showing off those pins for GQ

When I met her, I saw what they meant. Charlotte walks into a room and everyone notices. Pneumatic curves, legs up to the ceiling, a stunning, exotic face (half Gambian, half Darlington-ion) and generally in an outfit that she has thrown on in the dark and shouldn’t work…But does…is the overall effect.

CharlCA2Seriously ONLY Charlotte could a) get away with this outfit and b) be featured in a mag as a fashionable person. I’d look like Su-Bo on ‘shrooms.

But this is why I love ‘Only Human’. Charlotte’s the sort of model that can make you wonder ‘what is the point? I might as well just hibernate under a rock for the rest of my life,’ – but awful, embarrassing things can happen to an Amazonian model like this lady!

CharCA3Her eyes are up there, mate…

And so I introduce Charlotte’s cringe-inducing, jaw-on-the-floor embarrassing story….

“The common misconception of modeling is that it’s non-stop glamour. And yes, I suppose for the elite few there is this world of private jets, yachts, fabulous locations and a whole lot of money. But for the rest of us ‘Regular Joe’ models, it’s more a case of traipsing around town, lost, sweating or shivering, with sore feet or sitting around in cold damp warehouse locations being prodded by stylists.

It’s a tough old fashionable world out there for a girl just trying to make a living. After all, we’re only human!

And it’s in this humanity that we often find ourselves in some tricky and embarrassing situations. And in my experience, most of these situations have stemmed from having a vagina.

Now I’m no doctor, but I’m guessing all you other ladies out there have one too so should know exactly what I’m talking about. Errant tampon strings, not being able to pee standing up, camel toe, VPL

So here I’m going to share with you all one of my most horrific vaginal related incidents.

It happened just a few weeks ago at Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. This was a grueling week of 35 shows in 5 days.

I already felt a bit rubbish, having already sustained an ankle injury in the very first scene of the very first show as a result of ridiculously high, cheap shoes. Walking up and down a catwalk littered with the blood stained plasters from other models blisters, the worst was yet to come…

It happened in scene 5, in which we were emulating a runway show in New York Fashion Week, that required a fierce stomp and a frosty glare. It was with one such stomp that disaster struck. That oh-so familiar feeling…

Yup! I’d started my period mid-stomp!!

I continued my stride with slightly less gusto, hoping that the blood wouldn’t reach beyond the hem of the yellow shift dress I was wearing. As I reached backstage and looked down, I saw that thankfully it hadn’t shown and as I walked of stage I breathed a sigh of relief.

That relief, however, was short lived as I realised my next scene was a swimwear one!

Fashion shows are quick, erratic affairs with barely any time to change – let alone run to the loo! Panic struck: I was in a back stage room full of people. Hairdressers, dressers, make up artists, production staff, other models both male and female.

But a model’s gotta do what a model’s gotta do, and there was no way I was missing that next scene. I didn’t really have many options, so much to my dismay a group of young fashion students who were dressing the models in the show had to form a protective ring around me where I could clean myself up and pop a tampon in right there in the middle of that crowded room.

I realise how awful inserting a tampon in front of a huge room of many people sounds, but one of the benefits of having modelled for so long is that you somewhat become desensitized by nudity and bodily functions, so it wasn’t as traumatic as it could have been.

But still. Some things should be left to the privacy of ones toilet cubicle!

Wow, that is surely the best ‘Only Human’ story so far! Check out Osh’s….


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…To compare – and thank-you, Charlotte, for your honesty.

Rebecca x

Charlotte is at Bookings Models. Here’s her Instagram.

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  1. Louise wrote:

    I think that is my worst nightmare right there! Well done Charlotte for carrying on! I think I would have broken down in hormonal tears!!!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      I hear ya Louise! Although, like Charlotte, I think that I too have developed such lack of shame (see the article on my lingerie shoot!), I’d probably get on with it, too!

  2. […] Charlotte Carter-Allen actually STARTED her period whilst on the catwalk. My friend Dominyka got hers just as she was about to open a show (I think it was for Aquazurra?), naked but for diamantés and a white G-string. I remember doing swimwear in the desert in Egypt and having to change my tampon whilst trying to hide myself, behind a random stinky rubbish dump, from a tribe of Bedoin men smoking nearby. Wearing a white swimsuit (natch). OH! The road trip shoot, where we had no time or place to stop to pee let alone change a tampon. I took my chance in the tiny car the entire team was sharing while they photographed the male model, afterwards realising that I was in the background of the shot furiously changing as fast as I could. There was a nice collection of used tampons in the bottom of my bag by the end of the 6am-10pm day :-|. Oh and how could I forget – the dangling tampon string of my lingerie shoot. And I suspect I’m just scratching the surface of my 16 year career here. […]

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