Try a Skin Laundry Facial at Liberty’s – The First One’s Free!

Yesterday, I headed to my casting and had the very great pleasure of meeting up with my dear buddy, Tessa Maye. Gahd that girl is beautiful!


As opposed to my habit (decried by Theo) of looking at the floor when I walk, Tessa had perceptively seen that Liberty’s was offering free facials, so we went and investigated.

It was beauty brand Skin Laundry who were offering a first try of their signature laser and IPL facial for free – plus it would take less than 15 minutes! We both enthusiastically nodded our heads* and I was whisked away to an ambient, calm, lovely smelling room through the corridors of Liberty’s.


I gave my face a cursory clean with a baby wipe, put on some goggles and I was good to go. We were straight in with the laser – this deep cleans pores and removes make up, bacteria and dirt. It’s not the most comfortable, but it’s totally bearable. Imagine someone flicking fag ash on your face. Tiny little pricks of heat that last for a nano second and the whole laser bit took maybe a minute. And obviously no burn marks. At no point did I want it to stop, it was fine.

Then the lady put some nice feeling gel on my face, which instantly cooled my skin down from any of the heat from the laser. Then it was onto the IPL, which is short for Intense Pulse Light. Imagine the clicky end of a pen, but much wider. This was clicked all over my face and, when the light was pulsed, my goggled eyes saw red. All totally cool and fine. The IPL is for evening out skin tone and stimulates collagen.


Then the gel was removed, some toner applied and a layer of SPF Skin Laundry moisturiser and alacazam! I was good to go!

One treatment definitely made my skin glow, it felt tighter in a good way and got lots of compliments. Obviously that won’t last as two days of walking out there in the London pollution means that the dirt will hit my face again but it’s a fab idea to rush in there between castings (I didn’t look red, only glowing, though if you have ultra sensitive skin I’d do it at the end of the day). Fashion Week’s coming up so it would be a fab little skin saviour reboot just before or after shows.

imageSkin: much improved. Hands: still giant. 

Basically, us time poor models (when we are time poor that is, and not sitting around praying for work…) can’t always afford, or have space in our schedule, for an hour and a half £100 facial. You can give this a try, first time free, and never do it again – or you can head in for a quickie at £50 (less if you book a course) for a whistlestop, effective cleanse and collagen boosting facial. Up to you but the best thing is you can try before you buy!

Rebecca x

Head to to find out more…

*After they asked if Tessa and I were sisters – what a compliment!

And thanks to Tessa for taking the pics.

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