Truly Worth the Hype: Caroline Hirons’ Double Cleanser with Pixi

I think any regular reader of Modeltypeface will know…I’m a fan of Pixi. I basically credit them with my skin looking glowy, as their Illuminate Tint and Conceal has been in my (very sparse) make up kit for the whole of this decade and some of the last one. When people ask me to help them with their skin, their Glow Tonic is the one product I tell them to buy – and it always makes a difference.

I was lucky enough to meet Amanda Bell, their head make up artist, by complete chance and we bonded over an illuminous green nail varnish. Since then I’ve modelled on their press days and generally felt like part of the Pixi fam, and in the last couple of years I’ve seen what an enormous change the company has been through thanks to a certain person’s review of the aforementioned Glow Tonic. They have exploded! And I’m so pleased, because their products are truly ace, and best of all they are aimed at making us look like a good version of us, rather than painting on a new face. It’s about looking freshly in love, or like you’ve had a great sleep, rather than a duck-faced Crichton from Red Dwarf

This season, Pixi have collaborated with some huge bloggers and vloggers, including Caroline Hirons. If you don’t know Caroline, let me attempt to sum her up. Likes a strong cup of tea. Hates a weak cup of tea. Hates a pedant. Loves a cat. Hates a facewipe. Loves a double cleanse. Also: eyebrows.

Caroline on the left, Amanda to the right. 

Back to the double cleanse, which is the product that Caroline has launched with Pixi and over which there has been a frenzied rush to purchase. I was lucky enough to get one in THE WORLD’S MOST ENORMOUS GOODIE BAG:

Pic by Hanadore 

I’ve been reviewing a lot of cleansing balms lately, so I wanted to give this a little wait, but last Monday I came home with heavy make up from the Debenhams shoot, which had been on my face since 9AM, and I had rushed straight to my At Your Beat dance class followed by HIIT and let’s just say that The Joker called and wanted his make up back.

I was knackered. I was covered in sweaty make up. And echoes of Lady Hirons describing the cleansing balm as, “Instantly destroying make up,” had me rushing to the goodie bag and plucking her double cleanser out.

She wasn’t wrong.

A solid balm in the tub, you barely need to work this between your fingers to get it warm and soft and smooshy. Upon contact with mascara it was instantly, completely, utterly removed, and I only really massaged into around my face for around a minute cos it felt sooo good. This is rich with vitamin E, camelia oil and evening primrose to heal. I rinsed that off with a warm muslin and then massaged on the cleanser, which is beautifully silken and doesn’t smell at all, but has vitamin C and peptides to nourish and promote collagen. This I left on my face while I brushed my teeth and then removed with a warm wet konjac sponge.

All I know is that in the minimal amount of time, with minimal faff, my skin was totally free of make up, SPF and grime and sparklingly clean – and totally calm. I love it. I never want to use anything else. It’s so simple and kind and healing, and most of all effective. I haven’t fallen for the hype – she’s just made a bloody good product here.

The 2-in-1 packaging makes it great for travel, particularly when you’re shooting lots or doing a lot of shows as it’s incredibly gentle.

You can get it from the Pixi site and from Cult Beaty for £24.00

Rebecca x

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