Triyoga Barre Trial: Week 2

My Triyoga trial, in which I attempt to go to 3 Barre classes a week for a month is going swimmingly! I look forward to every class and I already feel different in my body.

By last Friday I definitely felt more svelte: my core felt stronger and I feel more aware of my posture. Each class is different and challenging: this may look quite serene but actually I’m out of breath, shaking and sweating throughout.

My first two classes were with Emily, and Friday was with Fallon who does similar exercises but in a different order, which is great. I find that in gym classes, the less I know what’s coming next, the less I’ll watch the clock. We started with Pilates mat work, focusing on core and arm strength. That’s what I like about Barre here – I was worried I might develop the lean legs of a ballerina…But lose tone elsewhere. However, Barre at Triyoga really works you tip to toe. By the end of Fallon’s class Friday, I felt strong, toned and looking forward to my appearance in a month!

Here’s one of Fallon’s moves – it’s a killer! Start out in a wide, deep plié, stretching and turning into a deep lunge against the bar. Great for thighs and bums!





However, a lot can happen in a weekend – a blow out dinner at my boyfriend’s, a sedentary Sunday spent devouring Mad Men box sets and leftovers, my period started AND I got a cold. I rocked up to Emily’s Monday class feeling bloated, out of shape and out of energy.

I was actually pleased to discover that even though I was run down, this class is fine. No way would I have been able to a heavy aerobics session, but because this is tough yet slow you can actually lose yourself in the exercises…And remember, you’re leaning against a Barre for most of it! Barre classes here are pricey, so it’s nice to know that if I’m ill or hungover I’ll still get the full benefit.

Seeing as I was ill, I treated myself to the full Triyoga experience. I headed to their infra red sauna after my class, which is supposed to help with muscle healing, collagen production, relaxation and overall health. It was 20 minutes of bliss, and so was the incredibly strong and hot power shower afterwards. Can we all take a second here to bitch about most gym showers – even loads of the posh places? One horrible bottle of bright green ‘shower gel & shampoo’ combo that strip your skin and hair of moisture under showers that are frustratingly lukewarm and tiny?

These showers have wooden floors, different pressures and you can make them HOT as you like. And there’s quality organic body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I came out of there feeling reborn and ravenous so I treated myself to a healing bowl of carrot & sweet potato soup with turmeric & chilli and a side of sourdough toast. I ate it in their roomy cafe – it was delicious and their food is healthy and reasonably priced.

I can’t treat myself to the full experience that every time, as I would never leave and get any work done, but the sauna, showers and cafe really are swish and comfortable and set Triyoga apart from a lot of other places I’ve been to.

Finally, I have to just say how genuinely friendly the staff at Triyoga are. They never make me feel like a ‘number’ and have a big smile for every customer. It really does add to the whole comfortable and comforting experience of the place.

Check out for schedules and prices.

I’m wearing my favourite Manuka crop top.

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