Trampoline Modelling With Danone

Many models have a shoot that haunts us. The one we failed at, or greatly embarrassed ourselves, or just generally would have got us kicked off America’s Next Top Model if we were on it.

For some it’s the underwater shoot where we look like flailing, drowning wildebeast. For others it’s the bikini shoot in Iceland where we metaphorically and literally froze and looked ugly. For me…It was The Trampoline Shoot.

It was for The Observer, around 9 years ago. I was incredibly excited to hear I’d be doing a trampolining main story and envisioned myself leaping gracefully and gymnastically and freely with joy.

Then I got to the shoot.

And I jumped on the huge trampoline.

And I went really, really high.

And…I got vertigo.

I was just paralysed with fear for the whole shoot, my face like famous Instagram star, Tuna…

abandoned-dog-1Pic from Instagram

In the end, the poor photographer who a) had a sore back and couldn’t move and b) never booked me again had to Photoshop me upside down in retouch because they couldn’t get anything more than a hesitant bounce out of me. It was a LONG day. There were secret tears in the toilet, and probably not just from me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disliked and like a total failure.

It has haunted me ever since.

Fortunately, I got to practice trampoline modelling again thanks to a Light and Free event hosted by Danone and Binky from Made in Chelsea (my fave).


Binky had already done her shots, in which the model looks carefree and chilled and the shadow looks a bit wild and silly.

binkyAlex James/Solent News

The trick is, no matter how scared you might feel, is to totally relax your whole body. Try and make your mind convey a chilled, fun vibe even if you are really scared of how high you’re jumping and getting your body in perfect alignment. Look at Binky – she’s having fun, her shadow’s got bags of personality and she’s even managed to look pretty with a good expression, which really isn’t that easy to achieve!

Firstly I enjoyed a really fun trampolining class. Have you ever been to Frame? They have everything from Boxing to Beyonce dance classes, I love it and I am definitely going again! (though I will wear tighter trousers next time! My Manuka Life harems are more for yoga than energetic bouncing and I think I may have revealed a little too much…). Then it was time to shoot my trampolining shot…

It was quite a pro set up, with a massive trampoline surrounded by crash mats (phew!) and someone to give us guidance. The pressure! There were so many people watching and we only had a few minutes to nail our pose. And I was feeling DETERMINED. An imaginary Tyra Banks, always on my shoulder on shoots (it makes e com jobs pass quicker, what can I say) was watching and judging!

Oh God. All my composure flew out the window. I had to count ‘1, 2 with small bouncing then BIG JUMP AND POSE!’ Sadly, I kept just doing doing small bounces, saying 1, 2, and then I kept randomly jumping and looking like a rabbit in the headlights! Poor photographer just had to hope while I flapped around.

However, I’ve probably now mastered my body so that no matter how scared, gangly and uncomposed I feel…I can still do ballet hands and feet. I’m actually quite happy with my shot, as I do look calm and my wild shadow isn’t so bad either! I literally felt like I was going to fall flat on my face when I was doing it!


So if I could give you my top 5 tips for trampoline modelling it would be….

  1. Do the same pose again and again. The chances are you haven’t nailed it thanks to rogue hairs/funny toes/awry clothing…If this was a proper shoot with just me, I’d have just done slight variations on this pose for minutes at a time.
  2. Plan your pose ahead of time. Think about it in the make up chair. Feet to the side/legs together/arms close to body…Lots of variations and the likelihood is that until you’re relaxed into the shoot, your mind will be a bit panicky-blank!
  3. Remember to suck up your double chin/stomach etc. It’s hard to remember when you’re feeling the pressure and getting used to the newness of it all!
  4. Less is more. You’re in the air, being photographed, in an outfit. You don’t need to be doing wacky, crazy stuff unless the photographer demands it.
  5. Try and be editorial. Put your hands in your pockets, cross your legs, hands on hips, relax your body. It’ll make it more interesting and fashion-y.

I’m totally primed and ready for another trampolining shoot! Thanks to Danone for a ridiculously fun, healthy, delicious event for your new yogurt. People, it has 0% fat and 0% added sugar so do make sure you check it out when you’re next deciding on your pudding! Head to to find out more.

Oh and check out Frame!

Rebecca x

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