*Tissues at the Ready* “I Can’t Imagine My life Without Him,” Charlotte De Carle & Rescue Dog Gizmo: A Love Story.

I’ve been wanting to share this story for a while now: top model & previous Modeltypeface interviewee Charlotte De Carle has rescued a gorgeous little dog and seeing them together is truly a delight!


Charlotte’s a self-confessed sarky tit – but behind the wry smile is an expansive heart and of all of London’s population, Gizmo is so lucky to have been saved by her.

I asked Charlotte, currently in LA, for the low down…

R: Hello Charlotte, always a pleasure! How did Gizmo enter your life?

C: I went to a pub and it looked like the dog was on its own. Obviously being very adorable, he jumped up my leg, very excitable, so naturally, I crouched down to say hello. Firstly offering him my hand to smell as I hate it when people just stroke dogs – maybe they don’t want to be stroked. Anyway a man, around his late 50s, long greasy hair with all black leather outfit suddenly appeared. He popped his head out from a table away. He said you can have him if you want. I laughed, thinking this must be a joke. I then asked if it was to OK to pet his dog – he mumbled and carried on.

So to put this in position I was near the bar and the dog was tied to a table leg right by it. So waiting to be served I stayed with Gizmo to give him the attention he was craving. He seemed like such a beautiful, happy-go-lucky little dog, who just wanted to be with people.


15 mins later the man popped his head around again, then asked me to come over. By this point, Gizmo had curled upon my lap so I carried him over. He told me that the dog was a gift from his kid for Christmas, he didn’t want him so if I wanted him I could have him.

Feeling super awkward at this point, my friend delivered my pint and just sat making small talk. The man then said he just was going to pop to the loo. 15 mins later he comes back a bag with vets papers, leads, bowls, chip details and food. He then drops the bag I front of me, and says please take him then walks off…

R: Wow! I’m so happy you found one another! Obviously having had quite a poor start to life, Gizmo suffered with separation anxiety.  I know you’ve been working at that – how’s it going?

C: He isn’t so nervy any more. After much hard, tear-provoking training, which involved me having to leave him alone in he flat, hear him cry, then come back after certain periods of time.Charledecarlegizmo6He now sleeps when I leave, which is a huge improvement.

R: Has he changed your life?

C: I can’t imagine life with out him.


He is such a gentle soul and while I’m in LA, he has been rehabilitating my family dog who is 9 and sleeps all day. The family dog now is up and about playing with Gizmo.

Also my nan has dementia and he just sits on her lap and she strokes him for hours.


He’s so special. I couldn’t ask for a better dog and I have no plans on leaving him anywhere.

Ironically any time we go past a pub he wants to go in – I’m guessing that’s where he got most of his attention from before.

R: How are you finding balancing modeling with owning a dog?

C: It’s hard having a job and a dog but you make room for them and change your life for them if you want them enough. Thank god for allowing dogs on public transport.


I am so lucky to have come across this little guy. He is an absolute delight…Plus I now get away with a lot more as he is so damn pretty!


R: *Is too busy looking at dogs on Battersea Dogs Home to conclude this interview*

Rebecca x

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  1. Tracey wrote:

    Ah, what a lovely story. I love sarky tits Charlotte sounds ace and Gizmo is a cutie! Wonder how the mans son reacted? I’ve been on at my hub for a woofer for ages but he’s having none of it 🙁

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      I know it’s a lovely story! Well from what I can make out, the boy didn’t wnt the dog either. Kids can be cruel! OMG you have to get one – you living cornwall! And it has to be rescue xxx

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