Thinx: Period Pants Re-imagined. Would You Wear Reusable Knickers That Soak Up Your Blood?

I’ve found, in life, there are two groups of ladies.

There are the ladies who have perhaps suffered mild thrush once, went on the pill aged about 16 and never had any issues (or perhaps the coil and LOVE it – so fuss-free!) and enjoy an extra Dairy Milk when it’s *that* time of the month.

Then there are the second group of ladies. My ladies. They probably suffer with recurrent thrush or cystitis – and the chances of being hit with one of these increases ten-fold the moment a new, exciting relationship is blossoming. Periods mean a red tsunami and/or wild mood swings. They’ve tried most contraception and it either made them crazy/depressed/spotty/fat/low libido/all of the above.

I never used to, but thanks to various contraception woes and the havoc they wreaked on my body over a number of years, I now have what I’d describe as….A fussy vagina. My vagina likes to wear cotton knickers (or none) at all times. I have to buy multi-packs from Marks rather than fun frilly things. I eat very healthy to keep all that lady flora happy and balanced. I wear shorts and avoid tight leggings in sweaty HIIT classes, which, when paired with socks and trainers, makes me look like Mr Muscle amongst the Lulu Lemon devotees.

It’s fine, in fact health-wise it’s probably good overall anyway, but it means that there are certain things I’m cautious of, including tampons and sanitary products that contain bleach and pesticides.

For some people, the Mooncup is a great choice, but actually after a long trial I didn’t get on with it, mainly because a man walked in to the loo while I was crouched on the floor with my fingers up my fanny, putting it in place. His face still haunts me to this day. I generally use organic tampons (although these really expand sometimes don’t you think? Bleurgh. And when it’s the end and the flow isn’t so heavy it can feel a bit ‘scratchy’ and also like you’re dragging out your insides when you remove them. Plus they’re pricey).

But ‘inside’ sanitary products don’t work for everyone. I have friends who have given birth who shouldn’t really use them for a while, and don’t really want to anyway. Some people are squeamish, or suffer with conditions like vaginismus.

Step forward Thinx, who have created knickers that soak up your period. After use, you put them on a cold cycle and hang dry them, ready for next time. Does the thought make you feel a bit sick? Luckily for you I’ve trialled them first…

The Concept

Knickers that soak up your period, meaning you don’t need to wear tampons or pads at all (or that can soak up the leaks that often happen with these products).

The gusset feels thicker than most gussets. The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs liquid onto the layer beneath it.

The Thinx knickers are anti-microbial, they wick away moisture, they’re absorbent and leak resistant.

They’re made of:

Interior Innermost 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane;
Middle breathable PUL, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane;
Outer 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane; Trim 100% Polyester.

There are various styles, from heavy to light. The heaviest can absorb two tampons worth of blood, the lightest 1/2 a tampon.

I Gave Them A Go

Because I had to ship from the US, I ordered a few styles. I got the hip hugger in black, which can absorb two tampons worth of blood. They’re $34:

Pic taken from the Thinx website

I rarely wear knickers that are this big. The material all over is thicker than usual and it takes a little while to adjust to the gusset.

However, these are actually really flattering because they go right under your bum so there’s no VPL, even if you wear leggings. Usually I have to wear the teeniest of g-strings under tight clothes, cos my usual knickers cut across the cheeks, essentially giving me four bums. And even though it FEELS like the knickers are weirdly thick, they aren’t detectable at all.

I also got the Sport style in black, which holds 1 1/2 tampon’s worth, which are $32:

Because I wanted to try ones that weren’t *quite* so massive looking, plus I liked the side detail. They were flattering and comfortable, but I actually prefer the hip huggers for their generous butt coverage.

Finally, I got the thong in ‘beige’, which was $24, because my friend had recently had a baby and had to put a tampon in on a shoot even though she wasn’t meant to use them. I wanted to see if this was a good choice for her (and me).

I’m not sure if the colour makes it show up more, but I’ll just be honest with you: the light colour mixed with the heavier gusset makes me look a bit like I’m packing. It definitely looks ‘bulgey’ at the bottom. For those reasons I’d be slightly embarrassed to wear these backstage at a show, and they just wouldn’t work under certain clothes like, say, silk wedding dresses or very tight clothes.

However, on the plus side, I really like the wide waistband. It means there aren’t any indents where the side of a g string usually sits so they were great under jeans on shoots as well as mega, mega comfortable.

Other styles they offer

Was it Gross?

I was a little put off by the thought of Thinx. I imagined sitting around in my blood and the feeling of knickers getting gradually wetter all over.

However I was also really intrigued as I hadn’t really found a solution to my sanitary protection woes. Even if they’re organic, many products are still filling up landfill sites and half the time I had to panic buy Lilets in Boots anyway, because even after 18 years of periods I STILL forget it’s coming.

The second I wore these, I really loved them. If you’re sensitive to non-cotton gussets then I assure you, I was fine. You don’t sit around in gooey blood: it absorbs away and you don’t leak at all. And 2 tampons worth is a lot, so if you’re flying, travelling or have a mega work day….Or, like me, you really like to have a mammoth sleep every now and again…They were just a great solution.

There are loads of ways I embraced Thinx. I’m mega worried about Toxic Shock Syndrome (I once wrote about a model who lost a leg from it), but then having a boy spoon you while your night pads loudly crinkle is a *bit* awkward. This gets you totally free of that worry.

Also, there are times I really don’t enjoy tampons, as I said earlier. The thongs absorb 1/2 a tampons worth, so at the beginning and end days of the period they’re a great solution on shoots.

As for washing, well. I put it on a cold cycle, hang dry, and they’re clean and ready to go again.

The Drawbacks

Firstly, the cost. These are pricy, especially with shipping – and also because I had to go and pay an extra £13 at the Post Office because of extra shipping? Not sure if that’s normal for everyone. I spent over a hundred quid on a few knickers, not my usual behaviour.

My rationale here, however, is that long term I’m saving a lot of money on tampons etc. My last two periods I’ve not have to buy anything at all, and those savings will add up over years.

Secondly, there is the practicality side of it. If you’re at home, or you know you can wear the knickers and head straight home after work to change, then cool. But otherwise, you will have a pair of bloody knickers in your bag. If you’re going on a road trip or a festival, then this isn’t ideal. If it was a 3 day shoot or a romantic city break without a washing machine, it would be tricksy. Or a wedding with a tiny clutch bag.

I did wear a pair of the sporty style up to my shoot, wore the nude thong when I worked and changed into a new pair of the sports style afterwards, but it did mean that there were 2 used Thinx in a plastic bag in my bag. I was OK with that because I tipped them in the washing machine as soon as I walked through the door, but other times that might not have been ideal.

Thirdly, the fact that the gusset isn’t 100% cotton is a problem for a lot of ladies. However I’m super sensitive and had to stop wearing microfibre thongs for shoots, and I haven’t had the slightest issue at all.

Lastly, some people might not like washing their knickers on a cold cycle. Some like to give their smalls a good hot wash. I trust the tech of Thinx (though I wonder how long it lasts?) and I haven’t had any issues but that’s personal choice really.

So am I a Convert?

Yes! I think they’re great and I’m going to get some more. They aren’t for every day, but they are a great solution to a lot of problems some people face when they get their period. They’re not entirely fuss-free in every situation (I wouldn’t want to have to change the knickers whilst balancing in a train loo when wearing tights and hot pants and DMs, for example…), but as long as you have access to a washing machine, they’re fantastic.

(By the way I bought these on my own and without Thinx contacting me so you can be assured this is all my own opinion).

Rebecca x

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  1. Natasha N wrote:

    Ooohhh so happy to hear they worked for you! I’ve been thinking about trying them for ages as a fellow fussy vagina lady ha. Definitely going to order some now 🙂 thanks R!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Brilliant, you came to my mind as I wrote about the fussy vaginas! I think you’ll really enjoy them, goodbye scratchy tampons! xx

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