The Yoga Production – a Model-tastic Yoga Class!

Like a lot of my fellow models, I’ve been going to Hollie Holmes’ yoga class every Saturday for a few weeks now, and I love it.

Now I know what you’re thinking – Saturday?! Exercise?! Like feck I’ll be getting my hungover bum out of bed for a yoga class full of smug green-juicers.

It’s not like that at all. Firstly, it’s at midday, so it’s no biggie to drag yourself out of the door for a Noon class!

You might also be thinking – if it’s a load of models, is that a bit intimidating?

ericprydzIs it like an Eric Prydz vid?

Fear not! I asked Hollie all about it…

R: Hello Hollie! Is a Yoga class full of models a bit intimidating?

H: I think some people may be intimidated by this. I constantly urge me class on how judging other people and even ourselves achieves nothing. Friendliness to ourselves and towards others plays an important role in Yoga.

Intimidation is not something you will find at The Yoga Production I am happy to say.

I would urge people to pop in for a class and see for themselves. Everyone is welcome 🙂

R: Brill! Is Yoga beneficial to modelling, and, if so, how?

H: Yes I can say it definitely benefits modelling. There was a short period of time when I was a model myself. Despite the obvious physical benefits of Yoga making you leaner and longer, models are on their feet all day and straining themselves into the most uncomfortable positions on shoots. Yoga realigns the body and stretches all of the muscles we have harmed throughout the day.

From my personal experience, my self-confidence was harmed from all that constant judgement from other people. Yoga realigns the mind as well, and has taught me to love my body and appreciate all it does for me.

Sounds good, thanks Hollie! So: it’s at a totally acceptable time on a Saturday, and it’s not full of scarily good, haughty models (in fact, we always start a bit late cos we’re all chatting so much).

How about the Yoga? Is it very advanced for a hungover Saturday? Well no, it’s perfectly pitched: it’s not intense, shaking-body Yoga, but it’s also not gently-snoozing-could-have-just-stretched-a-lot-in-bed Yoga.

There’s a mixed bunch at our class, from total beginners to intermediate, and everyone can manage the poses because Hollie gives various levels for each posture.

There are also certain challenges that each week we have a go at, which I appreciate – one day, I might manage to balance only on my hands! (One day).

It is full of models at the moment, because Hollie herself modelled and her sister is previous interviewee Sophie Holmes. We all went for the first couple of weeks to show our support, but there’s a reason we’re going back – it’s really good.

Come along and try it – it’s not gonna break the bank, cos it’s pay what you want (compulsory donation).

It’s currently at Celestine Eleven in Shoreditch (a lovely space) and there will be another class, in the middle of the week, somewhere more central.

For further details check out:
Or email

See you Saturday?


Rebecca x

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