The YEAR OF UNDIET! Say goodbye to your old ways!

So! Yesterday I told you all about how it’s time to banish diets. It’s time to stop every new year with the plan to eat in a disciplined way that ends up limiting your life.

Because what happens?

Week 1: Spend fortune on diet book, ingredients, willpower and resolution to ‘never eat cake again’.

Week 2: Feel renewed vigour, drop numerous pounds (mainly water loss), walk around with spring in step and feel amazing.

Week 3: Bury feelings of boredom at prospect of yet another grilled chicken fillet. It’s worth it for the way you look and feel! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

Week 4: Remain buoyed up by people commenting on weight loss and how great you feel.

Week 5: Treat yourself to a bit of Gary in account’s birthday cake (rude not to)

Week 6: Attend party, treat yourself to a cocktail rather than white wine spritzer, have another glass of wine, blowout on a kebab/burger/crisps

Week 7: Have lost focus but WILL GET BACK ON WAGON NEXT WEEK

Week 8: Have put on more weight in one week than you’ve lost. Seriously, what’s the point? I’ll go back on the diet when I’m off on holidays.

The cycle of diets is not only a huge moneymaking exercise for companies, it’s a massive cause of sadness and dissatisfaction in people as you feel like you’ve failed. You can’t be controlled like other people manage to. You’re never satisfied with the way you feel and look NOW because you’re always going to get back into the ‘zone’ soon – and that’s when you’ll feel your best.

It’s such an upsetting way to live, and I know because that’s how I’ve wasted most of my 20s thinking and feeling.

The fact is that you’re never going to stick to a diet plan, and you’re never going to find that magic bullet to get you a flat stomach and lean legs because…There is NO diet plan that will get you that for life.

But what there is is a mindset. This is what will lose you the pounds you feel you wear, heavily and uncomfortably. It’s what will have you heading on your holidays this summer, feeling confident in your appearance and looking forward to enjoying the food on offer, rather than fear at losing your routine or the intention to have a ‘blowout’ that has you hiding your bikini-clad body under a big towel.

firstchoiceI never used to feel happy in bikinis on shoots!

So join me this week to find out the actual plan behind my YEAR OF UNDIET!

Rebecca x

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