The World of Graduate Fashion Week According to Model Tamsin Carter, with Weleda…

Hello all! Last week I was treated to a wonderful day at Graduate Fashion Week with official sponsors Weleda. I got to enjoy something I’ve always wanted to – to witness what it’s like to observe a catwalk show, rather than model in it! It was a double whammy of excellence because Weleda are everything I look for in a beauty brand: environmentally conscious, with a huge range to choose from, affordable…And best of all, they WORK!

So as for watching the shows…I’m going to be honest with you. Though I enjoyed not worrying about high heels I can’t walk in, falling over on the runway, and being dressed in an awful outfit – I also desperately wanted to jump out of my seat and sashay down with the models! I really missed that buzz of coming out, stomping to the music and striking a pose in front of the cameras…

Anyway, my last Graduate Fashion Week was a few years ago, so I thought I’d catch up with a GFW veteran who always gets booked, thanks to her fab walk and naturally lean physique, MTF fave Tamsin who has been my #ModelCrushMonday and given newbies Fashion Week advice before.

Lovely Tamsin also gave me some Weleda goodies to giveaway to my readers – details at the bottom of the page!

Pic by Caroline Albertelli

Here’s what she had to say.

R: What do you love about doing shows?

T: Shows are literally incomparable to shoots. You get a lot more of a thrill when you step out on to a catwalk than into the studio. Of course there’s a lot more waiting around, but honestly stepping out on to a catwalk is a feeling that will stay with me for the rest of my life and that’s why I love it I guess.

R: Do you always get a lot of GFW shows? What do you enjoy about doing them?

The amount of show varies each year. I’ve had 6 one year and 2 the next and literally have no idea why. Doing the shows introduces me to new models that I’ve probably seen a million times at castings but never spoken to, who are generally great girls.

R: You must have had some pretty wacky looks over the years…What stands out?

T: I can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve laughed at certain outfits at shows. Every student is trying to stand out, so most of the time the wackier the better. I’ve worn a jacket that said ‘wine me, dine me, 69 me’ before…


…And sweated it out in a fur jacket and many fluorescent layers that made me look like a rag doll on acid.

R: I saw you wearing some kind of strange creation recently where your face was completely covered! What was that all about?! Were you scared about walking off the end of the catwalk…And actually, how did you even breathe?!


T: So last week I was walking for LCF and after hair and makeup we went into fittings on my second outfit I was told I was wearing a mask, when I saw it I literally had no idea how it was going to fit on my face but we did.

So the mask was made of plastic and had to be squeezed onto my face, it had 10’s of tiny holes needle sized that were where the eyes and nose are. It genuinely wasn’t bad wearing it as I could see and breath it meant I didn’t have to worry about what my face looked like going down the catwalk.

R: Weleda are an official sponsor, and I know you’re a fan. What do you use? Does it help your skin over Fashion Week?


T: In show season I take extra care of my skin as there’s normally a lot of makeup, as you can’t Photoshop on a catwalk. I live by Weleda and use their cleanser and moisturiser every single morning and night religiously – I wouldn’t be without now. Their Skin Food is an amazing product for problem areas that need extra moisture, one of the best products in the world.

R: Thanks Tamsin – and thank you for being so generous with your Weleda goodies for my GFW giveaway!


I know that lots of my readers don’t have Twitter, so this time I’ve got two ways you can enter to win this fab prize:

1) Comment below this post and tell me your favourite smell of the summer


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Only for UK readers, I’m afraid!

Good luck!

Rebecca x

Tamsin is at Bookings Models – check out her Instagram here.


  1. May wrote:

    Great insight into graduate fashion week! I walked it a few times when I was younger and enjoyed it most out of all modelling work. great post! My favourite summer smell is either honeysuckle flowers or lavender… The smells of an English county garden. X

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