The Week of Undiet Plan: The 5 Point Mind Plan for a Positive Self Image…

The Week Of Undiet is aimed at freeing ourselves of the shackles of calorie counting, guilt and continuous cycles of dieting. As a past serial yo-yo dieter I can tell you – on a physical level all that flesh-stretching and diminishing  leads to stretchmarks and cellulite…But worst of all it, completely messes up your own intuition when it comes to food.

Because we all of us have intuition when it comes to food, but we get it tangled in so many ways. We try to train ourselves to want to eat ‘clean’. We succumb to voices telling us to ‘treat ourselves’ and end up gorging on banned foods, thinking we want the taste but relishing the actual act of eating huge quantities.

You know what? Once you relax about food, you get back in touch with the voice that says, ‘have a piece of cake. You want it and deserve it!’ as well as ‘I think it’s about time to stop eating soon,’ which is something I never thought I’d manage!

I’d just like to say here that I was, until recently, a terror for going on very controlled, very disciplined and very silly diets, which didn’t give me enough nutrition and because less and less effective. I was also always gorging on foods until I felt physically uncomfortable, simply because I had allowed myself to ‘break free’ that day (with the promise to myself that I would ‘be good’ the next day, of course).

With that in mind, I have 5 rules to follow on my UNDIET: they look pretty harmless and ineffectual but I can sincerely promise you that if you print this out and read it regularly, it will change your life.

1) Stop dieting.

Seems pretty obvious, but you don’t have to be on a particular diet to be on a diet in my books. If you can’t eat food without calculating the calories, if you’re limiting the amount of fat you eat or protein you focus on, if you’re panicking about quantities – then you’re on a diet. You’re worrying about what you should and shouldn’t have, rather than what your body is asking for.

2) Get rid of ‘naughty’ foods.

Cake isn’t naughty. Saying that it’s ‘naughty’ makes it sound like you’re being fun and rebellious, when actually you’re trying to find a way around the fact that it’s not really good for you. I think we all know that cake is full of sugar and fat and eating it every day is bad for your health.

On the other hand, cake is really tasty! Especially home cooked cake! Is cake once or twice a day gonna make you fat? Yes. Is it going to make you happy? On ocassion, of course it is! I never, ever deny myself cake if I want it. These days, I can eat some without having to call myself ‘naughty’.

IMG_3223Cake makes me happy! Until I eat so much that I feel fat and sad…

3) Get rid of ‘saintly’ foods

That’s right! You shouldn’t be feeling smug at eating a healthy meal. You should see that as the norm. There’s something about eating tasteless grilled chicken with undressed iceberg lettuce that gives the feeling of delayed gratification. ‘I’m being good now, but at the weekend in splurge on booze and a kebab’.

Honestly, the food I make is probably low in calories and sugar but it’s also full of taste and vitamins & minerals. It’s a treat for my palette, it’s cheaper in the long run – and cheap wine and a kebab doesn’t hold half of the appeal as my own food!

4) Don’t let eating become habitual

I’m remembering a particular time: a housemate at uni bought an enormous chocolate fudge cake from Cost Co once. We all ate a piece – yummy! But the blasted cake hung around for at least a week. What started out as a treat became a bit of a chore: ploughing through it twice a day, nibbling it absent-mindedly til my mouth was coated in chemicals and sugar. By the end, it was all a bit grim and I felt so fat and disgusting!

When you’re working it’s so easy to get into eating habitually: an 11am biscuit or dinner at the same time, even if we’re not hungry.

The weird thing, once you take away habit, is that sometimes you might have an earlier than average lunch, or a lighter-than-usual dinner. You’ll snack more one day and not at all another. You learn to wait until your body is hungry, identify what it is you’re craving and then enjoy the surging levels of energy and a reduction in feeling bloated. Because you’re giving your body exactly what it’s asking for!


This is very much related to 2 and 3 but seriously – if you want to eat the burger, eat the burger. Don’t eat it and regret after or even during the food. Just know that you’ve eaten a heavy dinner so tomorrow you should probably aim for lighter, fresher foods!

With these five mental steps you’re on your way to being a healthier, happier person with greater energy levels and above all, a greater feeling of contentment in yourself.

Keep tuned tomorrow for my FOOD RULES!

Rebecca x

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