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Hello all!

I’ve been at the most beautiful wedding! My wonderful best friend and housemate from when we went to Bristol Uni, Stassia, became Mrs Meyers! She looked ravishing in her dress, showing just how elegant simplicity can be in her strapless lace gown. The word ‘luminescent’ springs to mind.


The wedding was absolutely perfect and they were blessed with beautiful blue skies. I do love a wedding!

Plus I have friends in the right places so I got to stay in this incredible treehouse in the very heart of Bristol. You would never know, as it looks like I’m in the rainforest!




I loved drinking from tin cups and jogging outside to the shower, then running back in and wrapping myself up in a fur blanket. It was SO romantic.

So: the week ahead. I’ll be in Dublin (HOORAY!) filming a commercial (MORE HOORAY!) It does mean, though, that I may not be able to post every day this week. A weekend of drinking Exhibition Cider at the Corrie Tap (any Bristolian know what I mean) and being holed up in a gorgeous tree cabin, plus incredibly long shoot days mean I might be a bit behind.


Hopefully I’ll have great Wifi in my hotel and I can give you glorious updates of what will (hopefully) be a glorious job!

In the meantime – happy Tuesday. I’m off for a pint 🙂

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Rebecca x

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