The Top 10 Things Only a Model Could Know

  • On a shoot, you lose the ability to do up zips or put on shoes.
  • If you’re walking past a mirror/large window you literally cannot help but catwalk and pretend you’re on Fashion TV.
  • You pretend to grumble along with everyone else when someone goes to take a group photo but you snap into your best angled, ‘having such hilarious fun I must tip my head back and to the side and silently laugh but without getting a double chin!’ smile within seconds of saying, “Aw I hate photos too!”
  • You still haven’t worked out a way of saying “I’m a model,” when strangers ask you what you do. Apologetic, blasé, confident – you still feel a bit cringe uttering those words. Personally, I opt for as confident as possible whilst avoiding eye contact.
  • Shopping with non-model friends is incredibly frustrating as they take an eternity to get into each outfit. You, on the other hand, could give Clark Kent a run for his money.
  • Every time you catch your reflection, you adjust your face for a flattering vision not because you’re vain, but because as a New Face everyone told you to ‘study your refection to learn your best angles.’
  • While others enjoy their carefree online shopping,  you empathise with the headless model and ‘feel her pain’ of every one of those hundred e-comm shots.
  • At 17:48 each evening you wonder what you’ll be doing the next day.
  • You wistfully dream of dramatic hair changes.
  • Jeans and a black top is a valid outfit for any occasion.

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