The Story of Tom Cat: How Model Chloe Chalker Adopted a Little Waif Batcat.

If I could, I’d rescue every waif and stray animal I find worldwide and bring them back home with me. I’d rapidly become one of *those* ladies with a moustache and a fleece that smells of cat wee (at least I hope that’s cats) and I’d love it. However, I have a one bed flat and a job that doesn’t let me control my own time so I would never commit to a pet.

Following on from this sentiment, I’m proud to write about previous MTF interviewee Chloe Chalker. She’s previously spoken about modelling and motherhood and gave me a chance to post lots of pictures like this:

One day, scrolling through Instagram as I do once or twice a day(!) I saw a shot of a scruffy little black kitten with enormous ears. Reading through the caption, I realised that Chloe had rescued this kitten from Greece!

This is the story behind Tomcat…

“We went to Rhodes and kept hearing a miaow under a nearby hedge. Looking under, there was the cutest little black monkey bat I ever did see :-). 

Arthur, my son, named him Tom, he’s about 5 weeks old. He seemed to only come out when we passed by and would soon call for us. Monitoring the situation we realised he had no mummy and so after falling completely in love with him I did a lot of research online and found this woman called Lorna Shea who runs ‘Rhodes to UK animal Adoption‘ which also caters for throughout Europe. I contacted her on Facebook and she replied within an hour and said yup I can get him back for you. Her mum collected him that day from the hotel and 4 weeks later after vet visits with her, jabs, chip, passport etc he was ours all coming to about £400 incl flight (not cheap but soooo worth it!)

Since he’s been here he’s fitted in straight away. People can’t believe he was a stray. He litter trained immediately, loves cuddles and kisses, is very affectionate, not a fussy eater as he’ll eat whatever he’s given, gentle, great personality and overall a happy little boy! He was very skinny and malnourished when we found him and now our vet says his weight is perfect for his size, he has a really shiny healthy coat, healthy teeth etc…

I love him cos he’s a compete mix of god knows what and has the weirdest longest tail ever! People aren’t sure whether he’s some weird breed when they meet him because he’s got very big ears and big paws for his size…nevertheless I love him for his story and for finding us.

There’s a folks tale that says ‘People don’t find black cats, they find you,’ and that has come from humans selecting the most interesting colours, patterns, fur, eyes etc for beauty purposes. No one ever wants just a plain black cat so the myth is they’ve always had to find their owners. Well in more ways then one Tom did that. He managed to find his family who lived thousands of miles away over oceans and he got us! He must be pretty special!! I feel so privileged to be his chosen one and love him more than any fancy coloured cat going!

He’s so good with my 3 year old, lets him pull him about and plays with him and let’s me walk him on a lead when I’m somewhere he can’t roam alone…he’s just the best and now another member of my family!

Adopting an animal has such a special story and one that I’ve never regretted. I think in the future il always go for a homeless animal as there are so many of them and they deserve the same as what a brand new puppy or kitten does.”

Thank you Chloe! I love this story so much and hope to meet Tom one day.

Rebecca x

Check out Chloe’s Instagram here, and read about model Charlotte De Carle rescuing a dog here….

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    I’m not crying, I’m not….

    Beautiful story Rebecca, thanks for sharing! x

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