The Slacker’s Guide to Modelling

My name’s Rebecca Pearson and I’m a lazy bastard.

imageMy fave sort of modelling…Lying down in the sun

As much as I love modelling, I’m also fundamentally a lazy person, who would rather conserve than expend my energy. As such, I’ve worked out the best ways to get away with being indolent on shoots without anyone actually figuring this out (I hope).

Slacking isn’t about being half-arsed, or not getting good shots. It’s just about getting away with doing the absolute least with the absolute best results. Hear me out before you judge…

1) Be Early to the Shoot

Nothing looks more eager beaver than getting to the shoot half an hour before everyone else and calmly greeting the team with a cup of tea while you finish your Metro. However, this also means that you missed the worst of rush hour. It means you’ve made a good impression before the job’s begun without remotely trying.

2) Put Your Phone Away

Slacking’s about avoiding stress, and having endless notifications pinging while you Snapchat concealer being applied makes you feel as though you’re getting pushed and pulled in every direction. I know we need to take the odd pic but put the phone down and talk to the make up artist and treat the getting ready part like a free spa day.

3) Put Lots of Effort into the First Shot, Then Relax

The first shot is when everyone’s worried that you won’t pull off the mood board vibe, and the clothes/make up/hair/lighting are OK. This is when you put your best, heel-clad foot forward.

But then, once they realise how ace you are, you can get away with doing the pose you know will work per outfit, rather than working your way through the Encylopedia of Modelling Poses, Chapters 1-1000.

4) Work Around 1 Pose Rather Than Doing Loads of Them

Has the photographer gone “YES!” at that pose where you’ve put your hands behind your head? Cool! Don’t then move onto a totally different one! Just stay in that same pose and move your hands a bit, sway your hips a bit, maybe point and unpoint the toes. Otherwise they’ll go to the computer, find that shot with your hands up by your head and say “Can we do a few more working around this sort of pose and angle?” And you’ll have to do even more shots and you can SEE lunch over there and people are EATING ALL THE GOOD STUFF!

5) Don’t Go Too Fast

If you’re a modelling machine and you go really fast, you won’t go home early. They’ll just say, “Oh, maybe we can do an extra shot, just for safety.” Then the stylist will shove together a rubbish outfit from the dregs of the fashion cupboard that they know will never be in the magazine and you’ll do an extra, unnecessary shot wasting everyone’s time. That or e-com, where you’ll be given a WHOLE NEW RAIL! No, better to work at a good pace and stay nice and calm and steady, and not have to waste your energy on a useless will-never-see-the-light-of-day shot that will inevitably take ages. Or even worse – doing enough of the e-com shoots so they don’t book you the next day and you miss out on the cash.

So there we have it. It’s not actually about being a lazy arse, persay. It’s more about knowing your industry, what works, what will make the client happy…And what will mean less time wasting and energy wasting.

Then you’ll have that extra oomph to hit the gym hard afterwards! 😉 *Heads off for a snooze*

Rebecca x

Photo by Anna Wild


  1. Brynn wrote:

    These are awesome tips! Especially #4 with working around 1 pose!

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