The Skin SOS You ALL Have to Try!

This tip has been the SAVIOUR of my skin countless times. Regular readers of Modeltypeface will have seen me allude to it on a previous vlog on stressed show skin – it’s using Manuka Honey as a face mask.

I wanted to hammer it home just how great this is for rescuing your skin – spotty, angry, dry, grey, hungover – this helps me every time! For example, last week I had a lot of early call times and I was getting quite exhausted, but this ensured that when I woke up my skin looked really even, glowing and spot-free.

Why is it so great? Well, Manuka honey has really strong anti-bacterial qualities – it’s even been used to fight MRSA! It’s also anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s so good for healing the skin and reducing spots. Plus you can lick the rest off your fingers, which is great for warding off sore throats.

You can get different strengths – from UMF 5+ to UMF 25+, indicating the level of anti-bacterial activity. Prices correspond, so 5+ is the cheapest, such as this Rowse one at Holland and Barrett, £9.49

rowseOr this 22+, for £59.99!
puregoldIf you feel that it’s too expensive, you could try using raw honey, which is still very effective. Manuka is the magic one, though.

So here are the (very simple) instructions:

Plain and Simple:

Tie your hair back as tightly as poss, making sure there are no baby hairs getting in the honey. You will cement them down, otherwise!
Make sure you’re not in any clothes you don’t mind the honey dripping on.
Cleanse skin thoroughly.
Get a full teaspoon of Manuka Honey. Smear it all over the face, avoiding getting it in the eyes.
Leave it on for a minimum of ten mins. For me, there’s no maximum! I leave it on all day if I can, wandering round the house like a melting Tussaud’s waxwork…
Wash off thoroughly with warm water and let your skin breathe for a bit before toning and using a light moisturiser such as Avéne Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream.


Salty Scrub:

Add a pinch of rock salt, such as Maldon Sea Salt to the honey.
Rub into skin and leave for as long as possible.
The salt is a further anti-bacterial ingredient.
Gently massage whilst rinsing for a light, exfoliating action.

NB: This is a hand treatment, too. Rub your hands together when coated in salt and honey, rinse, and then enjoy hands like a Fairy Liquid advert.

Lemony Bright:

Add a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice to the honey. Not too much, or the honey will go too runny.
Make sure you avoid your eyes.
The lemon helps heal, tone and brighten your complexion.


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PS the beekeeping picture was from when I went on a beekeeping course hosted by Tanya Hawkes of Therapi Skincare! Which, by the way, you really have to try out, it’s wonderful!

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