Hello everyone! Meet Tom Marsh, who’s new music project, Volpi, is being aired tonight so you should all tune in!

Check out their Facebook group for more – it’s all very exciting!

Would you believe it – I met Tom on FRIENDSTER! I don’t know if many of you will even remember Friendster, but it was BEFORE MYSPACE! Please tell me you remember Myspace? It was pre-omnipresent Facebook.  Casting my mind back, Friendster was somewhere between Wooly Mammoths and the discovery of fire*.

Right, so I met Tom on Friendster, and our first date was vintage shopping, where Tom impressed me with his adventurous style, the like of which I had never beheld in Morden. I met him just as my Mum had been musing on how I didn’t have a boyfriend and all my friends did, and then up walked Tom to our front door in November, wearing a pair of silk shorts and a bum bag and probably little else, greeting her with a polite Brummie “Hello Fay!”


Though she was a little taken aback by the flesh on show, she was still charmed by his good manners and saw past the plaits (his)! What’s brilliant about Tom is that he defies categorisation – yes, over the past, he has worn some unique ensembles…


But he actually got the highest grade in his year at Oxford (mechanical engineering) and ten years later got a Masters in aeronautical engineering!

So now he’s back onto music, and his song’s already getting picked up by radio. It’d be great if you’d tune in today at and Tweet and message and text about it!

So here’s the deets:

BBC Introducing: The South, 8-9pm Saturday evenings
Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM
Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM
Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM
Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM
Listen online:

Text in during the show (you need to start texts with the word ‘radio’) on 81333 (normal rates apply)
Email the show at
Twitter: @BBCIntroSouth


Rebecca xxx

*I realise this is not historically accurate

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