The Place to Go for a SERIOUS Bit of R&R: Sense Spa

Bruised. Scratched. Knotty. Sore. Tight hamstrings. Tension headaches.

Nope, that’s not the result of a boxing match with Tyson or a tennis match with Venus Williams….It’s how us models can feel after a serious patch of work.

Leaping in high heels, sitting in aeroplane seat after aeroplane seat, being constantly poked and prodded, fitting in workouts and running around in all weathers for castings means that sometimes, just sometimes, we need to treat ourselves.

Have you been to the Rosewood London? It’s in Holborn and I’ve been to a few events there – it’s got the perfect balance of cool, luxurious and not too poncey, and there’s often a friendly dog in the entrance you can stroke! (I’m well aware that’s enough for lots of my friends). They are now offering treatments by Maison Caulières, which are all derived from ingredients sourced from their estate.


Sadly I wasn’t able to try a massage myself, because I got booked on two shoots for that day (typical!) so I thought I’d share their own words in regards to what’s on offer. I have it on good authority from those who were lucky enough to go that it was INCREDIBLE. Best of all, these are the sort of folks who love their botany and gardening and nature as much as me, and enjoy sticking their head in flowers.



Inspired by the summer fields overflowing with sunflowers and pollen, the solar energizing treatment is intended to build energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. The delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey is used to stimulate the body from toe to head, the whole body is exfoliated to stimulate circulation and promote cellular renewal, followed by an energetic massage with warm oil to create a sun-like sensation.


Inspired by biodynamic massage and hand reflexology, the treatment begins with a hand scrub and hot towel rinse, then a hand mask, followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage to eliminate muscle tension and stimulate the hand reflex points.


COMME UNE TERRE FERTILE SENSE: This signature massage is a full body treatment inspired by a healing, deep tissue massage, it focuses on tension relief and stretching the muscles to enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism for detoxification. The treatment starts with the Maison Caulières opening ritual, using the origins of the brand, the hands are massaged using warm seeds wrapped in linen. Scented candles provide a sense of the seasons starting with spring and summer, followed by autumn and winter. The 90 minute massage treatment warms up the muscles of each area, including back and shoulders, legs, stomach, upper-chest and arms followed by a deeper pressure and stretches, finishing with a closing ritual with Maison Caulières Envolée Légère sprayed three times onto the hand and feet.

LUMIERE DES SAISONS SENSE:  Described as a more playful and holistic treatment ritual which follows nature’s cycle of the seasons, choosing scented candles to take you on a journey through autumn, winter, spring or summer. The treatment begins with a full body scrub to purify and drain the body of toxins, and rinsing with hot towels. A comforting head and face massage, followed by a cocoon hand and foot massage focuses on ‘the opening of exits’ to calm the body. Refreshing cool towels are then applied to the legs offering invigorating sensation, followed by a relieving leg massage to enhance circulation. A stimulating and targeting massage across the stomach, back, upper-chest and arms stimulates vitality and offers a warm and an indulgent sensation.

Music to my ears. Loads of my friends are doing loads of e commerce at the moment, which I know can take a real toll on your body (high heels, frequent changes, catwalks and poses and, of course, the suppressed yawns of extreme boredom) and the days can get really stressful. Do check out the Sense Spa (more details on their website, here).

Rebecca x

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