The photos from *that* famous lingerie shoot….

Regular readers might remember how my first ever lingerie shoot went: summed up, it was a mixture of excitement, empowerment, nerves, pubic hair and stray tampon strings.

Well, the pictures, shot by James Burton and featuring the lingerie of Made by Niki, are out. And I must say I’m pretty chuffed – you wouldn’t know I’d been through so many red-faced moments on the day. And of course airbrush has been used (don’t hate it – for starters, we need to get rid of those goose-pimples from standing around in our smalls in November!) but that’s definitely my body – my boobs haven’t been magicked to a DD and my legs don’t suddenly have a mile-wide thigh gap.

Actually I want to do more now!

Without further ado, here they are…

IMG_670914 retouch corrections

Photoshoot By James BurtonPhotoshoot By James Burton
I’ve got £150 of Made by Niki vouchers and I think I’ve decided on the string skirt. But what colour, black or pink?!?! I just keep changing my mind!

Rebecca x
Hair Adele Sanderson
Make-up William A Casey
My wonderful co-model is Katia Elizarova at IMG
Shot at Ministry of Sound
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  1. Louise wrote:

    hot, hot, hot!!!!! Love it! I would go for black! xx

  2. Shirley wrote:

    I like the pink with your skin tone! x

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