The New Danone Light & Free Ad is a Masterclass in Modelling!

Hello all! I had the great pleasure of heading to a blogger event hosted by Danone to introduce their new yogurt, Light & Free, and preview their brand new advert!

And I thought it was a great time to explore just why their new advert is a fab masterclass for any models out there wanting to nail their commercial castings.

Watch the ad first…

The model here perfectly embodies ‘less is more’. She’s sprightly, she’s sweet and smiley – but never saccharine. Clients these days want us to be more natural and less ‘cheesy’ than the old days, when big smiles and laughs and super-cardboardy slogans to camera were the name of the day.


This model smiles, but it’s not a forced, megawatt smile to camera with an affectedly angled face. It looks like a real smile, and consequently I can’t help but find myself grinning too. Do check out my previous vlog on how to nail a great, true smile. She bounces around, without over-strutting/catwalking, so there’s an air of light insouciance and fun. Basically, the perfect model was cast for the perfect advert, and it made magic!

So next time you go in the casting room (a tiny little airless, lightless, carpet-walled box) and you’re told to smile to camera…Don’t give it your best shampoo ad smile (you know the one: angled head, every tooth on show) – give it your best ‘laughing at your best friend’ sort of vibe. When you’re asked, “just walk from this side of the room to the other,” don’t strut too much…keep it natural and channel the sprightly tone of this Danone ad girl.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk all about ‘trampoline modelling’, which is a thing, and which I got to practice at the Danone launch to bring to you all!

In the mean time head to the Light & Free site to find out more about the yogurt (0% fat, 0% added sugar!)!

Rebecca x


  1. Carol wrote:

    I wanted to know where the blouse that the model was wearing in the advert

  2. I really love it to wish I knew were to buy it from ???

  3. Irene wrote:

    Want to know where the shoes came from, love them.

  4. Kirsten wrote:

    Does anyone know the name of the model?

  5. Where can I buy the blue and white striped shoes ? Love them !

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      As I’ve explained, I’m not the stylist, I don’t know the team, and the ad is now a year old so I’m afraid I cannot tell you!

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