The Most Beautiful Wedding in France!

Hello all! It was all a bit quiet on the blog over the weekend because I was at one of the most incredible weddings I’ve ever been to. Now, I don’t rate weddings high because of money lavished or the size of the dress/cake. The best weddings are those where you feel an insane amount of love filling the venue, and have fun (and food and booze) from start to finish.

I favour weddings where I can do a few solid hours of wedding dancing. By wedding dancing I mean dancing like my Dad and Kate Bush meshed into a beautiful, hyper, surreal and occasionally aggressive style of interpretive aerobics with Jane Fonda.

This one was held in France, and it was proper swish. I stayed with 17 other friends in a huge house in the countryside (ridiculously cheap!. It was owned by a very happy man named Barry who owns a pony named Nipper. There was a pool, there was sunshine, and there was a constant supply of Rosé distributed from boxes, which felt like you were drinking ribena until you stood up and realised that the 30 second walk back to the house required extra concentration.

So: on the day of the wedding, we all dolled ourselves up and looked impressively smart. But that doesn’t matter – what matters to most people (or me, at least) is what the bride wore. Being a very glamorous lady, Sarah went for a Bruce Oldfield dress. Any idea about designers? If not, then all I can say is – Brucie is one of the best. He’s dressed everyone from Princess Diana to Kim Kardashian, and is known for his exquisite corsetry and luxurious designs.

sarahdressDream gown.

I wore my favourite dress, which is a Suzannah dress. I modelled for Suzannah when she first started, and once I was lucky enough to be given this dress by the designer herself. It is my favourite colour and as it fits to be so perfectly I don’t have to worry about the usual armpit spill/falling down/constantly adjusting as I do with many other strapless numbers. It was a dream! I wore it with my fave New Look bright pink pumps and later changed to me trusty Supergas, which allowed me to dance all night and be slightly shorter than my boyfriend once more #tallgirlproblems. I also felt amazing thanks to all my Triyoga Barre classes – I could really tell the difference in tone and I felt confident amongst all my tall skinny friends in their bikinis and dresses!

green dressI just love this dress. I wish I could wear it all the time! In fact I’d even get married in this dress!

We ate oysters, drank champagne and enjoyed the hilarious speeches. The men were absolutely upstaged by the Bridesmaids, who had the guests in stitches.

Pic by tmstotty


It was a beautiful day, and an incredible weekend with my boyfriend and his friends. I didn’t want it to end – especially touching down in rainy Stansted with 4 days worth of hangover and sleep deprivation.

Now I’m sitting at home typing, though, I’m truly glad to be back home and enjoying green juices and homemade salads and stews. I have had enough bread, cheese and wine to last me for a lifetime!

greenjuiceEven my bread, cheese and wine-loving boyfriend welcomed this sight…

Now it’s back to the grindstone – I reckon it’s time to take Modeltypeface up a notch. I’m formulating some plans in my reluctantly whirring brain – so watch this space.

Rebecca xx

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  1. Tracey wrote:

    Ah, this makes me wanna go to a wedding!!! No invites on the cards this summer though – boo 🙁 but what I really wanted to comment on was your dress – you knows that’s my fave colour in the whole wide world and its such a stunning style – you wear it beautifully lady! Loving the pop of the pink shoes – nice touch.

    Excited to hear about your plans for the blog! xx

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Hi Tracey! Well that makes sense – Vert PR! Thank you so much – I really did feel amazing and I loved that all my friends wore bright colours, too.


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