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Having spent a long weekend eating and drinking around Paris with my boyfriend, I feel properly in need of a detox. When I drink wine every day and eat too much bread, croissants, dairy and meat, I feel all puffy and lethargic. Feeling this minging was made even worse by knowing that I had a video shoot confirmed for the Wednesday for House of Fraser with Shoot The Company, in which the story was that I’d be revealing my ‘post detox body’. I couldn’t have felt further from healthy and trim!

This is where juicing comes in. I really don’t recommend it as a regular meal replacement. I don’t think that’s healthy, so please don’t do it. I’ve tried to do it every day for dinner from time to time and all I do is get a cold, shiver a lot and turn into a hideously angry person. Plus I pull a Bruce Bogtrotter at the first available moment and undo all that deprivation.

Quentin Blake + Roald Dahl = magic.

However, a bit of juicing is great the evening before a shoot, or the morning of it for a last minute body de-puff and vitamin boost. It’s also great if you’ve overindulged at lunch and fancy something healthy but light in the evening. I’ve tried lots of different recipes, but always come back to this combo for a satisfying, tasty, healthy, skin-feeding and nutritious body booster.

I got back from Paris on Monday night and the shoot was Wednesday, so I only had one day to feel better before my shoot. I juiced the evening before and the morning of the shoot, and of course did some of my beloved reformer Pilates. It definitely worked – my cheeks and eyes were less puffy and my stomach showed less evidence of two three course meals every day!

strongNot bad for someone who scoffed chips, steak, croissants and cakes two days before! Thank you juicer and Pilates. PS I bought this sports bra, how amazing is it?!

I have a really expensive cold press juicer, which is meant to be the best. It’s a Vitamix, and it was something like £360. I know. But you can get much cheaper juicers – do your research and decide whether you want to invest, or whether you want to go for a cheaper one for an occasional juice.

PS I often whizz up the juice with an avocado or kiwi. It makes it thicker, more satisfying, and gets in some of the tasty fruit flesh. More washing though.

PPS FYI make sure you’re near a toilet for at least 2 hours cos you’re gonna need to WEEEEEEEEEEEE!

My Modeltypeface Green Juice

modeltypefacefruitsThough I love cake, this actually fills me with far more excitement! Yum.


Half a parsnip (yes I’m aware that sounds weird but it’s rather sweet and tasty! Less calories than carrots so you can even use more in place of carrots – but really – is a juiced carrot THAT much more fattening than a juiced parsnip?) Anyways – rich in vitamin C, potassium and good for your lungs!

2 stalks celery: ridiculous amount of health benefits – skin loving, alkalising and helps reduce water retention.

A few stalks of leafy green veg: helps detox your liver in case you’ve been partying loads, it has iron, which our ladies need, and it’s rich in calcium for healthy bones.

Knob of ginger (please say that made you laugh, too) Ginger is THE BEST for a sore throat, your circulation (us models are always cold) digestion and it’s even meant to help period pain!

Stick of cucumber: apart from anything, this helps give a bit more liquid to your juice. But it’s also got silicone, which helps your hair grow, and it’s diuretic qualities may help with puffy eyes!

2 carrots: carrots help your eyesight! They also help balance your blood sugar and boost your immune system.

2 apples: these add sweetness (kale isn’t tasty on its own!) and it are great for stopping your muscles from stiffening too much after exercise.

Either drink or whizz up with a food processer:

1 kiwi (great for collagen)

It might look rank, but it’s TASTY.


Rebecca x

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  1. Holly wrote:

    Sounds tasty! This is probably a silly question but do the parsnips go in raw? (Never made juice before!) Thanks!

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