The Modeltypeface Dictionary…. PRETTY VACANT!

It’s been a while, but here’s a new entry for The Modeltypeface Dictionary:


Every model must perfect their ‘Pretty Vacant’ face for the enormous raft of times that we have to grin and bear awful people and situations. Moments I have adopted a ‘Pretty Vacant’ face include:

1) Coming to the front of a long, two hour queue of models to greet a client with a sunny ‘Hello! My name’s Rebecca, lovely to meet you!” We are often met by a panel of clients who give us a grunt, an annoyed look that we’ve interrupted their conversations or, very often, nothing whatsoever. Not even raising their tired necks to look at us.

Adopt a ‘pretty vacant’ face and at least be very friendly to the lowly photographer’s assistant who is taking our photo (if we’re lucky). He or she might be a successful photographer one day.

2) When make up artists and hair stylists are extremely rough and injuring us, it is a point of pride for most models not to even flinch, let alone utter not one word of complaint. Time for our ‘Pretty Vacant’ face.

3) When photographers are not very good, they often blame us models instead of ‘fessing up to the fact that they’re out of their depth. Tempting though it is to tell him or her to take the lens cap off and ask their assistant for a bit of advice, we would be getting above ourselves. Time to assume a ‘Pretty Vacant’ expression and model our socks off so at least the client can see how great we are.

Rebecca x

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