The Model Dictionary #2 : NIPPLE HASSLES

So, my next ‘Model Dictionary’ entry is…


This is the general hassle, boomf and pain that arises whilst possessing a pair of nipples in the fashion industry. Common problems include:

– Sheer agony of being braless on a 12 hour day shooting outside in wispy dresses in February whilst a Siberian wind savagely tickles your boobs. An hour in, and your nipples could cut glass. A few hours in you will feel a weary, fatigued pain all over your body and especially your poor areola. By the end of the day, when your entire body is blue, your nipples will be actual agony and scream at you when you put your bra and jumper back on. Nipple hassles.

Sheepskin nipple warmer cp Maybe I need a pair of these….

– The desire not to show your nipples vs. everyone else’s desire for you to proudly display your nipples. ‘Sorry, I don’t do topless’ is met with a fake understanding nod and a disappointed huff by the stylist. In this case it’s always best to ‘stick to your guns’ (pun intended).

RihannaI’ll leave the nipple flashing to the Master of Areola Display, Rihanna

– Your nipples desire to be in the photo VS your desire for your nipples to be safely tucked away in the diaphanous, floaty gown that’s doing battle with the wind machine/actual wind.

katemIt happens to the best of us, even K-Middy!

Nipple hassles. I’m pretty pleased with that one…

Rebecca x

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