The Model Dictionary….#1

Hello! I am a big fan or urban dictionary, and so, inspired by that, I’ve started a new project on Modeltypeface: The Model Dictionary. These are terms I’ve coined, sometimes with the help of others, that sum up perfectly a particular feeling or experience common to all models. I’ll start the ball rolling today, but I’d love some contributions from you all!

Here we go.


boredbabyAt least this baby’s HEAD is in the shot.

The feeling of fatigue, futility, frustration, sadness, loneliness, mild panic and horrific wonder at how slowly time can pass, Also unparalleled boredom, desperation, hunger, thirst and existential crises brought on around shot 59 of 85 on a day of unrecognisable ecomm. (This is where your head is cut off of shop’s websites and you barely move: you’re a mannequin but made of living, breathing, feeling flesh).

Clidgie (Clitoris + wedgie = CLIDGIE)

cameltoeDoes this woman not worry about cystitis?

Termed with wonder stylist Andie Redman. When stylists are faced with a pair of jeans that don’t do up on the model, they will often give them a hearty yank upwards, shoving the denim roundabouts where babies are meant to come out. This doesn’t help do the jeans up, but it does halve the pleasure felt in all future sexual encounters for the model.

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  1. Willow wrote:

    Such brilliant words. E-CommerBLEURGHS is very appropriate for me right now! And Clidgie – LOVE IT!

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