The Green Report by Dominyka G: Christmas Edition!

As introduced yesterday, here’s Dominyka’s Green Report with some fab ideas for Christmas gifts!

Before the new year resolution madness why not to start your natural beauty journey here and now. Especially with the gifting season. I am sure you mostly wish your loved ones health, and let me tell you – best gift this year going to be… Wait for it… a deodorant that has no aluminum. There, simple yet absolutely luxurious healthy present ever!

Me might not all associate armpits with luxury but think of it this way: it might save some bills at the doctors later.

Breast cancer and antiperspirants is a ‘thing’ and it cannot be ignored. Especially with all the research right under our noses. Dr. Philippa Darbre has done numerous researches and the fact is: the correlation between tumors in upper outer quadrant of a breast and a deodorant is strong. Results have showed that aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorhydrate interferes with the function of oestrogen receptors and oestrogen is a well known established influence in breast cancer and its action. (From PubMed, here is the link Aluminium, antiperspirants and breast cancer. – PubMed – NCBI) .

There are so many great natural deodorants that won’t give you a headache from worry. And it works! It is absolutely natural to sweat, and actually really good for you as that’s how the toxins leave your body. And if those channels are blocked, those toxins have nowhere to go, so they start to ‘flock in our bodies and make up all sorts of trouble’.

And the smell, well if you ate curry, or had one too many of those festive punches the night before, of course you will smell, and not only from your armpits. When you change your deodorant, give it time, our bodies have to readjust. I would say, always give around 3 weeks to find what product works best for you.

One of my favorite deodorants are from Weleda.

I love the sage one (£8.95 from Weleda), as does my bf – yes men can be affected by breast cancer as well, and it’s more frequent than you think. When I moved in with ma man, I swapped all of his personal care products and he never looked back!!! He also loves ‘Crystal Rock‘ sprays. You get those in many stores.

I always like to start with the ‘baddie’, so I can end on a positive note. Use any natural oils to moisturize. Especially on our bodies. You know our skin is the largest organ, and it is now known that about 60% of what you gonna put on your body is gonna enter your blood stream and gonna be distributed to your internal organs. So you wanna make sure you use absolutely most natural lotions and potions on your skin.

I love anhydrous products – oils, balms and butters, as not only they are filled with great stuff for us like vitamins E, monosaturated fatty acids, proteins, minerals and more vitamins, plus it doesn’t need a complicated preservative system, which can be tongue twisting ingredients that no one knows how it really affects our bodies in a long run.

The oil that you put on your body, does not necessarily mean your face will love it too. Some oils are oilier than others, you simply going to have to try and find out what works best for your skin depending on your skin type. We are all bio individuals and one does not fit all. For example dry skin loves apricot oil and oily skin loves jojoba.

Of course all oils aren’t created equal. Quality does matter, as does who produces it. So it is very important to get your oils from a reputable brand and shop. I trust shops like Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Whole Foods.

I know, its quite a lot to take in, but don’t worry – baby steps are the best steps. With a bit of knowledge of what to look for and to avoid in you personal care, you will be making best decisions for yourself and your family.

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