The Great Face Wipes Every Model Needs, from Burt’s Bees!

Face wipes get a bad press – lots of leading brands’ ones are loaded with alcohol and other nasty chemicals, and can really dry and stress your skin out. They’re also not a one-step cleansing solution as they only really take off surface dirt and make-up, yet many people sink into bed, exhausted, give their face an unenthusiastic once over with a face wipe and fall asleep. That’s not great for skin.

However, most of the people who hate on face wipes aren’t models. Cos you know what? They’re really handy for us. We can take a pack in our bag to whip out at the end of the shoot so we don’t have to head home on the tube covered in ten inches of powder and mascara. They can give us a quick freshen up between castings on humid days or long shoots.

However, I have always been put off by a lot of the options out there as I’m worried they’re bad for my skin – and the environment.

Burt’s Bees have got the ultimate face wipes, which i’ve been trialling for a couple of months now. They’ve brilliant! Loaded with white tea, cucumber and aloe vera, they sooth one’s skin whilst removing make up really effectively (most other wipes leave my skin looking angry and red for a few minutes: not the impression you want to leave as you say goodbye to everyone on your shoot).


They’re been dermatologically and opthamologist-tested, so they’re officially gentle to skin and eyes. They also use natural cloth from wood cellulose, which is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, so my worries about the environment are as soothed as my skin.

Use to remove make up and dirt, but don’t forget to give your skin a deep cleanse when you get home/just before bed – read my previous post on how to do this here.

They’re £5.99 from

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  1. Louise wrote:

    since becoming a mum I have had issues with baby wipes and disposable nappies, I was given some reusable nappies as a trial to see if I liked them, and in the trial pack was a pack of reusable wipes. Although I didn’t get on with the reusable nappies, much to my disappointment, I loved the reusable wipes, they also have hand and face wipes available too. I’m totally sold on them they are from and are so much better for the environment, I just thought I would share my love of them!

  2. modeltypeface wrote:

    Hi Louise! My mum used re-usable nappies on all of us – can you believe it! Cloths that she must have washed again and again. Weirdly, and something I probably shouldn’t admit, they were then used as our ‘Vicks cloths’ for when we we had colds, to hold against our nose.

    They were very clean by that point I must add!

    So glad there are re-usable options for mums out there, as I know that having a baby involves a lot of disposable ephemera and I can definitely understand that you want to use the precious minutes of baby being asleep to steal a bit of shut eye rather than hand washing baby poo out of things!

    So thanks for the tip, Model Mum!

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