The Good Side of Modelling…

I just thought I’d do a little post on when modelling goes right. You know – agencies get a pretty bad rep for being down on us all the time – sending us to sleazy photographers, bullying us into slimming down and thoughtlessly tossing us away when we no longer make money for the agency.

This commonly held idea of bookers is actually hugely untrue. They’re actually a really lovely bunch. Take this conversation I had today with my booker, Maxine…

*Wait, before I start, I ought to explain something. I’m not doing that half marathon. It’s not feeling very good on my legs, as I had a lot of problems with my knees when I was younger. I know it sounds like I’m copping out, but I just don’t want to mess up my body. Limping down the catwalk isn’t a good look! It’s fun to push yourself but at the same time we should know when to listen to our bodies*

“I’m not doing that half marathon anymore.”

“Good. You don’t want to get too skinny minny.”

“Well that’s nice to hear…”

“Well you’re looking in the best shape I’ve seen you in in a long time. But you don’t want to get too skinny, it won’t suit you or your work. Just keep doing whatever you’re doing.”

I just wanted to put that out there as the image of bookers being predatory/mean and pressuring us all to get skinnier and skinnier isn’t always true. I won’t deny that I’ve seen such bullying occur. However the agency I’m at, Bookings, is vocal about supporting their girls and so are many other bookers at other agencies.

bikiniI’m feeling lots more confident and I think it shows in Polaroids.

Throughout the centuries I’ve been modelling there I’ve met plenty of bookers who are insecure, which in turn makes them nasty and aggressive towards their models. However those are the minority – I’ve seen so many others who are so maternal/paternal over their models, and want only the best for them.

To get that sort of relationship you need to find the bookers you get on with and develop your relationships, combined with working hard by turning up to their castings on time and well-dressed. I’ll do a post on how to butter up for bookers soon!

Rebecca x

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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    It’s so good to hear a lovely story like that! I know bookers are generally really lovely, but the horror stories I hear from some of the girls about the types of jobs they’re sent to make my toes curl! x

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