The Best Yoga Mat IN THE WORLD! (And it’s on sale!)

Slipping in Downward Dog. Anyone else?

Yup, I hear ya. Or getting into the perfect Warrior I pose only to have to concentrate on not letting your feet slip so far that you do serious damage to your nethers.

People, I have struggled with this problem for YEARS! My solution has been to use liquid chalk, which is a) not great when you realise you’ve coated your hands and need to tie your hair back b) quite pricey c) Quite heavy to cart around d) gets all over your clothes and e) makes the teachers look at you weird.

I’m afraid I’m just a bit of a sweaty-palmed person, plus I moisturise so much that yoga can feel like I’m ice skating precariously from ten minutes into the class once I’ve worked up a healthy ‘glow’ (am perspiring).

My favourite yoga class is held after a hot yoga lesson, so it’s always especially humid and sweaty in there, and I slide around so much that the stress outweighs the Zen I’m meant to be achieving.

Well. I have discovered the best yoga mat in the world. NO MORE SLIP! Plus it looks pretty. Manuka Life Yoga have a mat woven with linen. The linen is super duper grippy. It’s more friction than your usual mat and I just feel so much more secure and confident in my asanas now. I wish I’d had it longer as I would have achieved much better, much calmer yoga for years. It’s even great for hot yoga, I just dont’ slip at all, especially now I’ve used it and worn it in (it doesn’t look older, it’s just becoming more ‘at one’ with me and my palms).


The bottom is latex free PVC underside so there’s no sliding along the polished floors of a yoga studio, either.

I think that at £38 it’s VERY fairly priced but from 5pm today it will have 30% off! It’ll only last until Sunday at the max so if any of this has spoken to you, then get ordering. You will thank me when you’re doing a lovely peaceful and TOTALLY unslippy Downward Dog!

Click the pic below to head to the site and order your mat xx

ym015_violet_linen_marl_product_3Rebecca x

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  1. Louise wrote:

    Hi, do you know how long the mat is as I hate having a mini yoga mat that my feet hang off the end of!?!

  2. Aidan wrote:

    Do you know where I can get this mat in violet? It seems to be out of stock everywhere.

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Hi Aidan and sorry for the delay in replying! The violet is now sold out I’m afraid but you can get it in the gorgeous forest green! Rebecca x

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