The Best Yoga Class in London…And it’s £8!

I’ve been keeping this a little secret to myself for the last year or so, but I suppose it’s time to spill the beans and let you in on my favourite yoga class in London.

It’s at Triyoga in Camden, which is one of the fanciest yoga places out there. There is an infra red sauna, showers with free (posh) shampoo AND conditioner AND shower gel (rather than one sh*tty all-in-one glow-in-the-dark green concoction). You don’t just get any old water in reception – it’s got charcoal in it, which may or may not make a difference to your H20. There are humungous sunlit rooms for every type of yoga, replete with all the equipment one could need for one’s asanas. There’s even a meditation room, which I confess to have never used.

And generally the classes are, like, £16 a pop. Which is quite a lot….

….Unless you do the COMMUNITY classes, which are EIGHT QUID! The yoga at my local church hall costs the same, and we’re talking an hour and a quarter with really great teachers and one of London’s top yoga spots. I get a block of five which makes the classes cost about £6.50, which is even more bargainous.

The only annoying thing is that the classes are between 2-3:30 in the afternoon, so very few people can actually make it. Just retired folk, rich people, and the sort of freelancers who don’t work in an structured, timetabled way. People who have days off here and there or have to get to appointments at stupid times, with vast swathes of nothing to do in between. People like US MODELS!

So do yourself a favour and make the most of those pockets of time. Instead of eating a free salad at the W Hotel and checking your Instagram, come to a yoga class at Triyoga. My absolute favouriteis Robin Catto‘s, on a Tuesday afternoon.

It’s always a little bit different – there’s an Iyengar-type focus on technique and alignment but it’s not just a boring (sorry yogis) standard flow through the Warriors and then a shoulder stand (I realise that’s probably not a very yoga-ish thing to say but I bet you’ve done an inside sigh when you realise you’ve got an hour of endless Warrior 1 and 2 then a wobble through Half Moon pose ahead of you, too). I like the challenge of the twists and balances he goes through that I haven’t encountered before, and that I’m starting to improve at some poses I never thought I’d even achieve! Sometimes we even use the ropes to hang upside down on so I can release my inner Mowgli. Best of all Robin is funny and kind and makes sure to adjust everyone so your practice is spot on.

Also, surprising my body with all those twists and stretches means that when I manage to make a few classes in a row (obviously my castings always now land between 1 and 3 on a Tuesday afternoon these days)…My legs get lean and my abs start showing, so never mind inner peace and whatnot…I look good for swimwear polaroids 😉

Lastly, Triyoga is THE place for celeb spotting. Remember when I embarrassed myself in front of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz? I’ve also embarrassed myself in front of Russel Brand, pondered what Trinny from Trinny & Suzannah had done to her face and possibly snored during Savasana next to Jayne Middlemiss, too.

So are you with me? Tuesdays, 2:15pm, Triyoga Camden. Namaste.

Rebecca x

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