The App That Helps Vegan Models Make Good Nutritional Choices

Lots of models are vegan. For some it’s an environmental and animal welfare concern whereas for others it’s undeniably a weight control thing. Others, like me, might plump for the vegan option in a Leon for lunch or try and cut out animal products for one or two days a week.

The recent trend towards veganism shows that we’re all thinking more about where our food comes from. But among the increased veg and nut butter consumption, there’s a downside: in cancelling out many major food groups, many people suffer from nutritional deficiencies, which can have serious consequences both now and in our future.

Today’s tips were brought to you by Luciano Venezia, who co-founded EDO. This is an app that evaluates food labels to provide nutritional values. I think it’s a great idea and one that’s really handy for models, as I think we get given such a terrible range of wrong information both from what we read as well as what we hear from other models, make up artists etc.

So please read this tips and adjust your diet accordingly, we can’t have you fainting on shoots or breaking bones later in life…


If you’re gonna be vegan, you can’t just rock up to people’s houses and shoots, as well as cafés on-the-go, and expect balanced meals. You need to get into batch cooking and freezing as well as making energy balls to take round with you. I’ve got some recipes here.


We need calcium for strong bones and, dairy being a regular source of it for many of us, vegans have to work harder.

Check out green, leafy veg such as cabbage, rocket, watercress, seaweed and parsley. Also eat plenty of almonds, chickpeas and kidney beans as well as calcium-set tofu.


I’m not vegan and I need to be mega aware of my iron intake as I’m prone to anaemia. Having a too-low iron count results in fatigue and all-round low energy, big black bags under my eyes and fainting.

So, how to up your iron when you can’t indulge in liver (mmmm)? Whole grains and legumes are your answer, and THIS IS KEY PEOPLE! You need a source of vitamin C with your iron to help the rate of absorption. I squeeze lemon on my spinach or maybe have a glass of freshly squeezed OJ with my meal.

ALSO! Tanin in tea limits iron absorption, so don’t have a tea or a coffee an hour before or after eating. This was a really big one for me. Stick with the herbal.

Technology and Food Choices

It’s an obstacle course out there. The additive E1105 is Lysozme, which is derived from eggs. Wine and beer have animal additives.

This is where the EDO app comes in – I really recommend it – it’ll help reduce panic over ingredients and clarify the components of your meal for you. Their premium subscription is £30.00 for a year. Head to to find out more. The app is available to download now from Google Play and the AppStore.

By the way, this post isn’t sponsored, I just thought it was a good idea 🙂

Rebecca x

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