Well, as you all know, I have had a pretty incredible week. It started with celebrating my Gran’s 95th birthday – still going strong and living independently, don’t you know – progressed via my first ever interview on the BBC News (broadcast globally!) and finished on my first ever job through Modeltypeface, for Burt’s Bees (secret for now!)

Of course I am nowhere near where I want to be eventually – but I am so much closer than I was two years ago when I was sat by the window crying because I hadn’t had a modelling job for a month, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future – or how to take control of it.

What you don’t think about when you start modelling as a teen is that some day, in your 20s, you’re going to have to seriously decide what comes after, or alongside, modelling. Lots of us models fail to realise that while we’ve been jollying all over the globe and leaping around on shoots, many of our peers have been working their way steadily up the job ladder and are now earning steady amounts with mortgages, pensions and holiday pay. Whereas we can see that the end is not nigh, but on the horizon, and we’re not on any kind of ladder. It can be a bit of a jolt.

Because, whilst modelling is a fantastic experience, it doesn’t always teach you to get your own work, fully use your own initiative and take control of your own opportunities. We’re used to allowing the tide to take us where it may.

I decided to start to pursue writing two years ago and there’s no way that I’d have got anywhere without the advice of lots of people. More than that, I wouldn’t have got anywhere without my family and friend’s encouragement (and I include all my Twitter and Instagram friends there, too!)

Modelling’s made me confident in how to seem confident, but it was only when people gave me encouragement and praise in my articles that I gained any confidence in what I was saying and writing.

We’re made to believe that the world is a rat race and that we’re all clambering over one another, out for ourselves. Well, my wonderful friends and colleagues give me nothing but support and love and, though it’s often the slow way, it’s the real way and the best way.

So thank you so much to everyone because without you, I wouldn’t have half of the faith in myself that I do. I really do mean all this. I love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rebecca x

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