Tessa Maye on her Stretchmarks for Refinery29

I love Tessa Maye, as I have previously discussed. She’s what I like to call a ‘proper person’, which is on the rare side in our world of modelling – 3 dimensional, vulnerable, real, caring, empathetic, intuitive and wickedly funny.

Tessa has spoken truthfully about her stretchmarks for Refinery29 and how they have been commented on throughout her career. There’s a great insight into many women’s insecurities that resonates with me, and makes me realise how absurd we are to be held back by the things we have no control over.

It’s a fab read and good on Tessa for speaking so honestly about the reality behind the airbrush and faux confidence we models often represent.

Click the picture below, by Daisy Walker, to head to the article…


Rebecca x

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