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I just pledged money to People Tree’s crowdfunder because I really believe in it.

Tencel is a material made of wood pulp with a lower ecological impact than cotton. It’s soft, silky and crinkles less and it makes total sense to develop their ranges with it.

You know I love People Tree because I like to make a positive impact with my purchases. Buying a couple of PT outfits twice a year that keep my wardrobe fresh, complimented by my second hand/vintage purchases, means I’m putting money into charities and Fair Trade and community initiatives in third world countries.

rebeccazandraMe in People Tree

Whereas buying high street clothes every other week, which go rubbish in the wash and everyone else wears anyway, mean I’m putting my money into a production change that exploits people and natural resources.

I pledged £25 so I could get Safia Minney’s latest book, because I lost my copy at the self-checkout in my local store and I’m in it 🙂 but as little or as much as you can pledge will make a difference. It means we can really start to move forward and MAKE CHANGES that we really, really need to see in order to protect our planet and empower the people behind the garments we buy.

Click on the pic below to donate!


Rebecca x

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