Superfood: Kefir

It’s been a while since I’ve given you recipes, so I thought I’d start with a super easy way to up your calcium and good bacteria intake.

Kefir is a yogurt drink that has been fermented with kefir grains, so that lots of cultures have been able to grow in it. Now I’m aware that this isn’t exactly sexy sounding, but I’m always sucker for a new superfood!

I hunted some out and tried it and…Well…I can’t say I was initially blown away. It’s sort of fizzy. And sour. And that fizziness mixed with the sourness isn’t so delightful.

However, the benefits are huge and the fizzy sourness can be harnessed to make really delicious smoothies. You can even buy dairy-free kefir!

So what’s so great about kefir? It’s got loads of strains of good bacteria – far more than yogurt. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system – and the good bacteria in kefir actually carries on living in your gut, happily fighting all the bad guys! (I like to think of my body like the film Osmosis Jones). It’s also rich in B Vitamins, which are great for skin, hair and nail strength, and those are hard to absorb in pill form (that’s why certain multi-vitamins turn your pee bright yellow! That is not only me…).

Moving on….Here are my Top 3 Kefir Products, all available in the UK:

1) Nourish Kefir

NourishThis is your basic, classic kefir. If the fizziness and the taste isn’t to your liking, I suggest smoothies, as those qualities really lend themselves to a great-tasting drink. Whizz up with a banana, oats and some Naturya Fruit Blend for a super easy and nutritious breakfast!

£1.85 from Abel and Cole

2) Rhythm Health Coconut Kefir

RhythmThis is the dairy-free alternative to kefir, made using coconut milk. I’m not as keen on the taste of this, but it’s great to investigate if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant.

You can get Coconut, Mango and Passion Fruit flavour, which is tastier than the plain one. This is fantastic whizzed up with fruit OR, if you’re feeling fancy – mix with some raw honey and set in the freezer a mould for a healthy ice lolly!

£1.80 from Planet Organic

3) Riazhenka


Strictly speaking this isn’t a kefir, but a different fermented baked milk drink – but I had to include it as it’s SOOOO tasty! It’s not got any of that fizz and it’s got a lovely thick, mellow taste and texture – it’s called the dieter’s custard for a reason!

Rich in calcium for our bones, this is super for all over health. I don’t add anything to it as I find it delicious, so it’s my pudding at the moment. If you’re passing Whole Foods give it a go!

Bio-Tiful Dairy Riazhenka, £2.95 for 500ml at Ocado

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