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Rather excitingly, one of my favourite beauty brands has just launched in Boots. They’re green, they’re ethical – and they’re flipping great!

I was first introduced to Sukin on a chilly winter’s morning before a job. I instantly loved the packaging, which appeals to my tastes (I’m not into frosty space age white) and saw lots of box-ticking ingredients: chia seed, avocado, jojoba and Argan oils among many other interesting ones like Spirulina and charcoal.


For some reason though – maybe because it was 7am and I was grumpy – I expected the products to be ‘nice’ and ‘pleasant’ rather than knockout, especially when they were so affordable, many products being priced below £10.

That impression didn’t last long. The job I was going to was a regular one I do for Chanel, which involves having upward of 4 make up looks applied throughout the day. It’s a lot of fun being made over so much, but using their make up removers absolutely canes my skin – I end up with sore, raw, red eyes and angry patches on my face. So I decided to give the Sukin a go, thinking it had to be better option to the soreness and rawness…

And wow. The Micellar Water took everything off – from the waterproof mascara to the geometric eyeliner shapes etched on my cheeks (that was an interesting day) – in just a couple of sweeps.

img_6110Thought I was exaggerating about the geometric etchings…?

And their Facial Moisturiser? My skin was instantly calm, not remotely greasy and the make up artist asked me what I had used, because he said I looked glowing and better than when I walked in in the morning. After three more looks it was the same story: every time I took off the dramatic and layered make up with Sukin, it was perfectly prepped for the next look.

I’ve gradually introduced more from their different ranges into my skincare and I’ve never been disappointed, so I can see why they’re Australia’s Number 1 beauty brand! They do exactly what they say they’re going to do, all the while being a 100% certified carbon neutral, vegan company who would never ever test on animals (you can check out their full credentials at the bottom of this post). Their packaging is environmentally friendly & recyclable and as a green beauty-loving, bee-rescuer model who was going to be an RSPCA Inspector before getting scouted that certainly makes me happy!

SO! I thought I would talk you through how I use Sukin to take off my make up after a shoot. Us models, as soon as we get home, should always remove it right away or we’ll get spots, blemishes and other nasty reactions, and during show seasons especially we need to really take good care.

The only trouble is that, after a day of being poked, prodded, plastered with slap and squeezed into outfits, most of us just want to veg out a bit…

_mg_0487Come home, cup of tea, sofa, Woman’s Hour podcast, stare into space, scroll through Instagram…Pics by Theo Games Petrohilos

However, rather than a chore I see this time as a little wind-down, 5-minute date with myself after a hectic day in London. Here’s how I go about it…

1) Gently Remove Make-up With Sukin’s Micellar Water, £7.95 for 250ml


Not all Micellar waters are created equal. Some are beautifully refreshing and effective, like this one, while others can really sting and not do very much. I favour Sukin’s because it works so rapidly so I don’t need to worry at my skin, plus chamomile & aloe vera make it very soothing. There’s an unexpected (and non-synthetic, of course) scent of vanilla, which makes it smell more rounded and unique for any Micellar connoisseurs out there!

I wet an organic cotton wool pad with a good few drops, hold it over my lids for about 15 seconds and gently sweep it to the side. I see some people really rubbing away at their eyes – stop it! The eye area is so delicate and much thinner so you need to take care.


I also find it takes off much of my eye make up and foundation with one sweep, but after this step Micellar water does need to be removed too, which is why…

2) Thoroughly Cleanse Skin With Sukin’s Cream Cleanser £7.95 for 125ml

So I’ve got the first layer of make up off and my skin’s feeling easy breezy, refreshed from the cucumber but in need of a deep cleanse. It’s now vital to double cleanse in order to really remove the SPF moisturiser I always wear – plus any nasties I’ll have soaked up from being on the London Underground.

unnamedThis is one of the really comforting, nourishing steps of my routine – it smells of the cocoa butter that’s in here, there’s sesame oil which I often use as an anti-inflammatory skin soother (as well as a tasty salad dressing), plus nettle to refresh. Obviously with ingredients like that you don’t wanna just slap it on and rinse off right away: massage it on and enjoy the smell! One good pump of the cream cleanser is enough to cover face and neck, and according to Caroline Hirons it’s about applying with vertical & horizontal strokes: imagine doing ‘Vogue’!


I’ve been using a konjac sponge to get my cleanser off for months now and it’s my favourite method: fantastic for gently getting the last scraps of mascara off, lovely and soft (my Mum’s a convert, too) plus it’s biodegradable. I like the heart shaped pink one 😉 Just wet it with warm water and wipe off the cleanser in circular motions.


That part always makes me feel awake and anew after a long day of work, and now it’s time to lock some moisture in. I have fairly normal skin, but now it’s coming up to winter it feels sort of tighter and thirstier.

First a spritz of toner…

3) Hydrating Mist Toner, £7.95 for 125ml


There’s a reason this is an award winning toner…It’s alcohol-free, it’s got chamomile to soothe (I like the fact that there are certain ingredients like chamomile that pop up throughout the range, so they all intertwine and compliment one another) and rosewater to hydrate. Spray it on, let it sink in totally and then…

4) Sukin Restoring Argan Oil, £14.95 for 25ml


Lots of people are put off by oils. And I get it! People think ‘oil = oily’ and won’t even go there, or perhaps have used a bad one in the past that’s sat on your skin and make your complexion shiny all day. However since I started adding a serum/oil before moisturising I’ve really seen the difference: it’s like locking in an extra layer of magic to get to work on helping the skin.

I like that luxurious silky feeling Argan oil gives, but in the past I’ve found it too heavy and ‘claustrophibic’. This Sukin one, however, sank into my skin immediately and made it feel supple: I’d say it’s helped along by Jojoba oil, the structure of which is the same as the skin’s, so it’s absorbed to a much deeper layer. If I designed an oil it would be this, with rosehip to help heal and lots of Vitamin C to brighten my complexion. After a few weeks of regular use I look brighter, feel softer and make up artists are very complimentary.

In terms of applying, I put 3 drops on my palms, rub my hands together and pat it onto my skin, neck and decolletage with a couple of firm presses to distribute, like so…


AND THEN COMES THE FUN PART! Theo says I look like I’m painting and decorating my face, and I must admit it does look a bit weird…but I massage that serum in with my trusty Body Shop Facial Massager, which I’ve been using for a few years now. It doesn’t drag the skin but it does make it go quite red, which is the blood coming to the surface and boosting circulation.


5) Last Stage! Sukin Facial Moisturiser, £7.95 for 125ml. 

And it’s onto the last bit! It might seem like I’ve done lots, but all I’ve really done is wipe of the make up, cleanse, tone and put on a serum. Lastly it’s my Sukin moisturiser, which as I said earlier I’ve been a fan of from Day 1. It’s got a particular smell that kind of reminds me of dessert – there’s mandarin and tangerine peel oil that combine with cocoa butter to make a subtle, uplifting scent. As a night cream it’s got all bases covered: anti-bacterial horsetail fights spots while vitamin-E rich wheatgerm & avocado oil repair and protect. If you want to try just one thing from the whole range, this would probably be your ‘gateway’ Sukin product as I know you’ll see the difference, pronto.


While you’re working it in, remember look after the eye area – you want to apply half a rice-sized amount of Antioxidant Eye Serum (£14.95 for 35ml) to your ring finger and dab it around the eye socket, moving inwards to the inner corner.


The last thing to do is check you haven’t missed a spot…


And you’re good to go! All that circulation-boosting massage combined with gorgeous, natural, well-formulated ingredients make for plumped up, glow-y skin and, best of all, a more relaxed, blissed-out brain. Head to to see the full range, including their Super Greens, Sensitive and Balancing ranges.

Rebecca x

Pictures by Theo Games Petrohilos, who, when he’s not taking photos of me, is an architect, artist, designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Check out his Instagram here.

Sukin products do not contain: sulphates, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, parabens or EDTA. You can find lots of information about them on their website.

CFF (Choose Cruelty Free) accredited.

As stated in title, this is a sponsored post. All opinions my own.

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    Sounds awesome! On the shop list x

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    Thank you for such an informative piece, the products sound well worth trying, so reasonably priced too! Also, lots of ethical boxes ticked!!

  3. lucy baker wrote:

    Get me to a Boots – pronto! Is it stocked at most of the big stores do you know? I’m a try before I buy girl, so can’t shop for skincare online. Great post Rebecca and your blog is looking ridiculously GOOD! xxx

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Hi Lucy I’m so happy you’re loving Modeltypeface and that you’re gonna check out Sukin. Loads of industry insiders are loving them too! So I have asked the PR and she says it will be in 350 Boots nationwide. xxx

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