BEAUTY TUESDAY: 5 Ways to Keep Your Cool in the Sweltering City Summer…

I love summer, I do. I grumble when I’m cold, so I don’t want to grumble when I’m getting my vitamin D and I can sunbathe between appointments.



You try and look calm, even-skinned and perky when you’re dragging your arse around London in 30 degrees. Even in the low 20s it can get so incredibly close that all you want to do is rush home, collapse, and let your naked manservant continue to fan you with a large palm leaf. Or at least I do. Or was that sauna-like-tube-induced delirium?

I’ve got some handy tips for arriving in your castings looking far fresher than you feel on the inside…

1) Hair Claws

ASOS hairclawsPack of four for £4.99 from ASOS

Hair claws remind me of frumpy teachers. I don’t think they’re a great look. But they’re wonderful at keeping hair away from sweaty necks and backs. It also avoids getting weird indents in your hair from elastics. Twist your hair up tightly, clasp it and then take it out at the last minute before your casting. It means you’ll have Pantene-advert swishy hair, whilst your adversaries have knotted, greasy-looking hair that clings to their shoulders unpleasantly (muahaha).

2) Skin-Blotting Paper

£11.50 from love-makeup

I’d like to take the face of whoever invented facial blotting tissue and kiss it all over, then blot it back down with some of the blotting paper they invented. You see, I’m shiny. Very very shiny – especially my nose. I have lovely powder, but I don’t like to use it non-stop throughout the day, as I want to avoid clogging my pores too much.

Blotting paper gets all the sweat and sebum away without affecting your make up, sun cream or pores, plus you can wrap your chewing gum in it neatly.

3) The Right Outfit

Look out for anything in cotton and linen, as these let your skin breathe. A playsuit is a great bet in the city, as I do love my floaty dresses but not the way that they blow up around my head every time there’s the slightest breeze on an escalator. Jeans are just hellish in the heat.

playsuitPlaysuit is by Fair + True from Fashion Conscience and would look amazing with sandals, Timberlands or heels!  

Shout out to vintage Levi hot pants with an old, beloved band T-shirt too – it just doesn’t work for me when I wear heels with it. I look like a waitress in Hooters.

4) Eat & Drink Right

You need to keep your energy up in this heat – even though heat can often stifle one’s appetite. In the winter my tummy is pretty much rumbling half an hour after breakfast, but in summer it tricks me into thinking I’m not hungry, until about 3 when I start to feel faint and angry, wonder why, and then realise all I’ve eaten is a banana. Fainting on castings is NEVER a good look!

If you, like me, find that eating in the heat makes you feel sick, then make sure you have a decent breakfast (it’s never too hot for yoghurt, fruit and oats) and at least drink a hearty smoothie in the day time before a really nutritious, balanced big dinner at night full of crunchy veg. In London look out for Joe & The Juice for delicious smoothies and juices.

By the way I am NOT suggesting people start to have liquid replacement meals! I just know that I, for one, really lose my appetite in the heat but I need to keep my energy and strength up.

5) SPF! 

Do NOT forget that SPF. Face, body, even hair – nothing is worse than bright red shoulders (backbacks, ouch) in the shape of three different necklines from three different days. Personally I have a nose that gets redder than Rudolph’s the second I see that sun.

For your face, I can’t recommend a Modeltypeface favourite Avéne enough. Their moisturiser comes in Legere and Riche, depending on how dry your skin is – both are very lightweight though, work well under make up and offer very good sun protection.

UVavene£13.50 from Boots

For your body, again you can’t go wrong with Avene but I do love a bit of P20. It doesn’t have the strongest UVA & UVB filters, but it sinks into the skin with no greasy residue and that’s it – you’re protected for ten hours at a time.

p@0£24.99 for 200ml from Boots

And yes, you heard me right – protect that hair! Hair can get frazzled in the sun, leaving it dry and lacklustre. And hands up who has ever had a burnt scalp *tries to type one handed*. Not only is it agony to brush your hair, but it eventually starts peeling and looks like dandruff. So the best thing is so spray it with SPF, such as this little number from Malibu:

Malibu£4.99 from The Suncare Shop

Finally, remember to enjoy yourselves – by which I mean sitting in beer gardens getting slowly sozzled on Pimms – but remember the ultimate: KEEP HYDRATED.

Rebecca x

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