Spots? I’ve Got a Great Cure…

So three weeks ago, I headed to the Herbfarmacy ACTUAL FARM to see the flowers and leaves being cultivated for use in their balms. I’m already an enormous fan of their Mallow Beauty Balm for its soothing and nourishing properties.

As we were driving back to London, full of excitement and weighed down with seedlings to grow (I planted them and they’re not dead!) Theo and I talked a little about his skin: that it’s not too bad these days after years of acne, but that it can still feel and look a bit red and there’s usually a spot or two going on.

The fact is that he’s never gonna sort of his regular wine/coffee vices along with the amount he cycles & works up a sweat all the time, though (praise be!) Theo has stopped smoking. Nicola, the PR for Herbfarmacy is enormously knowledgeable (I like to call her Nicipedia) and immediately said, “Oh you just need some Skin Rescue Balm and their Dandelion & Burdock Tonic. Give it a few months and you’ll be clear.”

It’s not that I don’t trust Nicola…It’s more that I don’t trust Theo, and the crazy energy/cycling everywhere/not good at maintaining beneficial habits. It’s also that, aside from echinacea, which definitely helps boost my immune system, I don’t set much store by tonics and supplements – despite my love of products and natural ingredients, I’m a natural skeptic.

£9.50 from

Nevertheless we’ve given it a go. Theo has been taking 15 drops morning and evening, and I’ve been rubbing a cocoa bean-sized amount of the Skin Rescue Balm over his face before sleeptime.

image£15 from

His skin is SO much better.

Fewer spots. The spots, when they come, are smaller, less angry and clear up quickly. Complexion is less red and hot looking. Plus my hands are so smooth now from applying the balm to his face*. He has oily skin and a couple of times I’ve made the mistake of putting too much on, which doesn’t sink in and feels uncomfortable, but it’s just about finding the right amount for each person.

So Dandelion & Burdock are great internal cleansers, working on the liver and kidneys (and if anyone needs that, it’s Theo…). The balm contains Calendula, Comfrey and Chickweed to sooth skin and smells delightfully invigorating – there’s no menthol here but it’s almost like a more soothing Vicks Vaporub! The jojoba makes it ultra moisturising, so if you had dry hands you could have a pot at work and massage a bit onto the rough spots in between mouse clicks.

I’m using this 100% organic balm on any dry or itchy patches of skin myself and will be keeping up the treatment on Theo, tonic and all. Quadrouple thumbs up from us!

Rebecca x

*which he hates me doing and scrunches up his face the whole way through.

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