SO Much Love for the #ImNoAngel Movement…

My best friend, Shirl, showed me this beautiful picture:


It’s the new campaign by lingerie brand Lane Bryant. It’s exactly the attitude that I’ve been wanting applied to women in the media for ages, and I’m so glad to finally see it!

So far, the representation of women in advertising has felt very divided. In one corner we have the ever hated ‘Skinny Models’ – thin, tall and generally white – epitomised by the Victoria’s Secret Angels. In the other corner, we have the so-called ‘Real Women’: all ages, shapes and colours, generally smiling in unflattering nude knickers.

Both corners are often pitted against one another. Us ‘Skinny Models’ are demonised as unrepresentative of women: we’re unhealthy, disgusting and elitist. I will never deny that there is pressure to be horribly skinny in some areas of fashion, but not all: I can’t help but picture so many of my lovely model friends who are simply very healthy in their attitude to diet and exercise. Add on to this the fact that many of us have been bullied throughout our lives for our slender appearance, being maligned as ‘disgusting anorexic skinny models’ can feel truly unjust.

And what about ‘The Real Women’? Well firstly – what are us models? Unreal? Over retouched at times, yes, but I think I’ve proved we’re ‘Only Human’ after all! Whilst I do think it’s great to have a range of happy looking women from all walks of life in campaigns, I can actually find the ads a bit patronising and they can even border on tokenism at times.

Worst of all, though, it’s the divisiveness and hatefulness that bothers me. The way that Victoria’s Secret models are deemed ‘revolting’ (come on, who actually believes themselves when they say that?)


…As well as the way that my industry is very elitist in regards to body image, age and race.

The Lane Bryant Campaign? It simply says ‘we’re don’t fit into the Victoria’s Secret model mould, but just look how gloriously beautiful we are, too. Let’s all be beautiful, together.’

It’s making a strong statement without denigrating anyone else.

I don’t want to be pitted against ‘Real Women’. I am a real woman, want to celebrate my natural self, and encourage and celebrate other people (male and female) feeling good about themselves, too.

Good on Lane Bryant for making a campaign that’s about love and acceptance for all.

I’d love to know what your readers think of it – do my non-model friends feel more represented? And do me model friends agree with me that it’s not aggressively aimed at us for once? Join in and comment below!

Rebecca x

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  1. Louise wrote:

    so I totally agree that this campaign is a step in the right direction, I still don’t think it is a good representation, couldn’t there have been just one girl with smaller boobs? Just a thought! Excellent article though rebecca xx

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